On December 23rd 2 identical unauthorised debits occurred on my credit card( now cancelled). The 2 descriptions on credit card statement showed Amazon Prime, amzn.com/bill.

At same time on my Amazon account an attempt was made to also debit my credit card with $119 for an Annual Amazon gift membership to a named recipient, georgesonHelen80@***.com, who I have NO knowledge of! As I had quickly cancelled my card the repeated email requests from Amazon to provide funds to pay the unauthorised $119. I have tried talking to various Amazon personnel in Australia and US but to avail as I had cancelled my account on the 23rd, there appears no record of my account by and some years of buying products from Amazon? I find it hard to understand the Amazon personnel as they appear to be based in India or Phillipines.

My bank is investigating on my behalf. I'm cancelling any other online accounts I might have.

User's recommendation: Keep checking your Credit card statements.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

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