Hi to whoever will read it.

On the 19.4.22 i ordered The ninja grill Ag651 from amazon spain.

On the 22.4.22 i received it and after i opened the package and looked on the device i found many scratch marks and signs of usage both on the top and the bottom, i immediately contact the costumer service which suggested return and refund or a replacement , i chose to take replacement and after checking the costumer service told me there are non-available so replacement cannot be done, then i agreed for return and refund again he told me that he will arrange delivery and that someone will pick it up from my apartment, after checking up again he said there are no carriers available in my country (Croatia) and that ill have to ship it by myself.

I explained to him that i cannot do it since i dont have time nor the ability to carry it to the post ( i dont even have a printer) and he told me that the "special department of returns" will contact me by mail in 48-72 hours from which my previous experience takes much longer if it all.

After several hours they did contacted me and asked for photos as a proof+ the date they were taken and order number, i have provided everything as requested and as a response i have been told that i do not deserve any compensation and they did check my orders and saw i have previous concessions suggested that i׳m dishonest costumer but even though they will give me some Promotional credit to make up for it.

Of course i didnt get any and of course they didnt solve the problem nor suggested replacement or a refund, i replied that this is outrageous and i asked for which orders does he apply because i was curious, afterwards another agent contacted me and suggested return and refund or replacement ( which they said before they cannot provide), he asked if i can ship it by myself or does he need to arrange it ( again they said before they cant) i replied again that it seems that nobody there is aware of what the other is saying and they also implied that i׳m dishonest costumer even though until now only they appear so.

I asked for a return and refund and asked the agent to arrange the pick up from my house since in cant as i previously mentioned couple times.

Afterwards i received an email with the label saying i have to ship it by myself.

I wrote with the aid of google translate but still, i never experienced such treatment from amazon, there is an huge gap between amazon usa and amazon spain costumer service, in the end i received damaged product, i wasted hours trying to fix amazon mistakes and in addition got blamed as being a liar.

Needless to say i have screenshots of all the conversations with the agents along with photos as a proof of the defected product.

I was never got shamed like this and its very disappointing , i am a costumer of amazon for years and i shop through amazon usa, italy, germany, but i never experienced that treatment before, i hope that you can help me with that.

User's recommendation: Don't shop on amazon Spain.

Location: Zagreb, Zagreb

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