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Bought an airsoft rifle from amazone and a couple of weeks after that the gun clip jammed so i cant use it. Amazon custumer support just gave me the money back.

I am pissed at the fact that they didnt even offer a new gun becuase the warrety was for 30 days. it only had been 2 weeks. Maybe amazon just sucks at CS or maybe it sucks in general. you tell me.

the gun i bought was a TSD sports spring powerd m14 rifle. i thought it was gonna be a *** of a gun but it just up and broke.

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Luoyang, Henan, China #213941

I've had good experieinces with Amazon... even when they did screw up.

I purchased two Paintball helments that I concidered defective.

They did offer to refund/replace them.

Concider yourself fortunate that you got your money back. Reading these complaints gives me shivers down my spine!

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