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Dear Amazon Team

I have multiple cases related to the above and to date still have no ideas what is required and would really love to talk to a person rather than get numerous cases set up and no proper answers or guidance. I need to know how to set up a account.

I have a British passport and British bank account.

What documents need to be submitted.

1) Passport and bank account - are required - correct ?

2) What address can I use - I have a British and Dubai address

3) I already have an Amazon

4) What else do I require for a account.

5) Do I have to set up an LLC and if so this will sort out the fact of not having a USA address.

6) How are USA taxes managed ?

7)Is a UK account with a UK address acceptable or do I need to open a USA bank account.

8) Will a Payoneer account be acceptable even if I have no transactions on it initially when presenting my credentials to

9) id there anything else i need to submi or have I covered it all in the above questions.

I have called numerous Amazon numbers in the USA and UK and none are in action due to COVID My case numbers are:-

704 616****

704 60* ***

700 857 ****

701 674 ****

700 232****

700 799****

700 817****

700 799****

With all the above none of my queries have ever been answered.

I believe if I could talk to someone who could answer my questions that would be immensely helpful.

I have requested call backs numerous times for all the above and have received no calls.

The above has been going on since 12 May, and I am still waiting to get answers.

Why are the Amazon team unable to answer specific questions and why do they insist on sending generic answers and links that do not help me. Are the Amazon seller central team not trained to answer specific questions ?Can they answer above - questions 1-9 separately and specifically ?

I desperately need help and want to become a account holder - are the Amazon team willing to help ?

All help would be immensely appreciated.

Kind regards

Michelle Sinclairzon zon

User's recommendation: Difficult to talk to anyone ion Amazon - they never answer questions asked.

Preferred solution: help me set up a account.

Amazon Pros: Can sell to the usa market.

Amazon Cons: Cannot get signed on and get no support.

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