I just saw that we can now return items without wrapping them, just taking directly to the UPS store who will check the return code on my cell phone. This sounds wonderful and I was trying to make sure you have my cell phone number to make it all happen.

I spoke to one of your customer service persons to make sure you had my cell phone number down, but you only had my old home phone number.

She told me there was no such program using the cellphone,to send return codes for returns.

She insisted there is no such program, "no way to do that."

I buy a lot from Amazon, and this would be SO helpful to me to be able to use this servicie.

I am, Mary Katherine Maeve, my cell phone number is 803-640-****. The phone apparently being used by Amazon is 803-279-**** is my landline at home.

So, please help me get this fixed??

Location: Augusta, Georgia

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