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Recently Amazon tricked us into upgrading to the prime account. They did this to my account and my daughters account which was not active for 8 months.

I could not locate a number to reach Amazon so I chatted with their customer service department who blamed us for accepting the 30 day trial. I explained when we place our order there was no option to say no to the 30 day trial. Never the less she said I was at fault. I said what about my daughters account which was inactive for 8 months.

The rep. stopped chatting and hung up. I had to go through my credit company to dispute the charges. Amazon charged our account without permission!

This is a fact. Their has to be something to say about this because Amazon has approximately 50 million customers and if they did this to all without permission then they just made $5,000,000,000 for January 2017. It's amazing how a company this powerful can legalize a scam.

Think about it and check your credit card statement. Best, Paul

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: Tricked to accept unwanted status.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Compensation.

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I want to punch them in the face the twats. They get you to accidently click on it once and thats it.

It takes ages and about 50 clicks to cancel it. They are a bunch of *** ***


I was busy placing an order on Amazon that had a $4.80 shipping charge. It said click here to save $4.80 on shipping with prime.

I clicked and it instantly charge to my credit card $80 without my final approval. I really wasn’t sure what prime was and the message went by so fast I could barely read it.

They should not assume that everybody knows about Amazon prime it and there should be a final confirmation page before the membership is charged to your credit card. I’m not seeing Amazon prime is good or bad but this is definitely misleading.


They signed me up for prime out of nowhere TWICE. I found out about it through the confirmation emails! I was able to cancel each and get my money back.


I know this thread is a year old but it is still valid.This has happened to me twice since January and I've had to chat them to get refunded for the $12.99 monthly fee.The thing is that, like in my case, people are probably clicking on something on Amazon indicating that you want Prime without realizing it. The problem is that Amazon intentionally makes it extremely unclear what you are clicking on or that signing up for certain things (HBO trial) also signs you up for Prime unless you click on this tiny "no thanks" link hidden somewhere beneath all the big bright Prime benefits buttons.Amazon is being extremely deceptive and unethical.


The same thing happened to me but using a different strategy this week. I was logged into Amazon, clicked to access my account and was redirected to a page offering (demanding) I use Prime.

No link allowed me to leave the page so I clicked the "Later" option.

This automatically locked me into Prime.Luckily I smelled a rat, logged out and in again and cancelled (after many misleading options) my Prime account.Shocking customer service. As well as evading tax, Amazon is now scamming its customers.I'm going to shop elsewhere from now on.


What a scam!!! Tricked into paying for Prime! They don't even post their phone number or a way to contact them on their website.


Tricked into signing up fir Prime because they deliberately faded out the normal checkout button and put a dual button.

They are still at this scam inspite of being warned.



Impossible that an inactive account could be charged.. You lazy people should just go to the store to do your shopping instead of using amazon that steals your money lol


The same thing happened to's friggin ridiculous!


Prime is not automatic, you clown.

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1303180

You probably work for Amazon or own stock! Imagine if this was shared on Facebook...

would it be an issue for their stock price?

You should read the other complaints. They did it to me and is doing it to everyone.

Saint Simons Island, Georgia, United States #1298238

I just checked my credit card and they hit me with the same charge. I will be calling my credit card company to dispute.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Thanks for this post.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1297978

You have to opt in, there is no automatic Prime. When you opt in the screen goes dark accept for the explination that you are signing up for a trial and if you don't turn off the auto renew you will be charged.

to Jarvis #1399551

You are clueless

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