I received an amazon gift card for a Christmas gift and I do not believe in Amazon for taking business away from TRUE BRICK and MORTAR stores that have been the backbone of our nations economy for years. They have and are destroying brick and mortar stores with people's attitudes of we will go and look at the product,

learn about at, try it on and on and on.

Amazon is nothing but a huge consignment shop with employment like a revolving door that is destroying the retail business industry because people are too LAZY to go to a REAL STORE!!! The main reason I believe people go to amazon is there is millions of choices ,I don't have to get dressed, I can return it even if I've worn it, but didn't remove the tags so no one will know. My whole point to my rant is, I spent 45 minutes trying to purchase 30.98 on my GIFT CARD and amazon ONLY wanted MY CREDIT CARD INFO for amazon prime charge of 12.99 a month but I could cancel anytime within 30 Days. KEEP IT!!!

Remember one very IMPORTANT FACT, when anybody needs sponsorship, help for a school project, church benefit programs, or anything that OUR people in our community needs help with, REMEMBER WHO TO CALL and I'm sure amazon WILL NOT HELP YOU!!!

P.S. I was not able to make my purchase, because I will not become a prime member, but could not pay with Amazon Gift Card without giving my credit card number!!

Location: Zanesville, Ohio

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