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I trued to order something for my child and somehow my account ha

S been put on freeze they keep saying it's being investigated but no one called me I had than my own visa I received in the mail as a gift went to go use it and it has my name on the visa I offered to give them my security's code the guy said in a attitude sort of way that was not the question I've tried to get my account unfreezed for a week now called 3 times I have Amazon gift cards I would like to spend for the holidays now I've won online and can't do it cause my account is froze I would like to see some action taken to unfreeze my account asap it was my visa card what I think happened was I hit gift card on my order by accident when I had a debit visa I think that's what screwed everything up on my account I had gotten the visa as a gift and I was thinking about that when I hit gift card it was a accident I would like the problem fixed done told all three people I talked to at Amazon customer service I would like the order I had cancelled out cause of all the difficulty I've had I will order from Amazon again rather it's Amazon gift card or off my debit I'll just be more cautious when I'm puting in my information on my cards on the payment process cause of the accident I just had I'm sorry and I apologize and I'm actually think ful in ways it makes me feel way safer with my account but I would appreciate it if this was investigated soon and my account resumes to normal cause if it was because of me accidentally hiting gift card when I was trying to pay with my visa debit card I had received as a gift and got confused i apologize I just won't to be able to have my account reopened thank you happy holidays and God bless

User's recommendation: Be careful when it comes to what payment method you click on cause I accidentally hit wrong one and they froze my account and they are investigated it.

Location: Arlington, Texas

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