I was wanting to cancel my free 30 day trial prime membership. It use to be real easy with Amazon just call them up and talk to customer service and they canceled the 30 day trial.

Now they make it very very difficult. First thing you have to go thru is all the automated crap to actually speak to a live Amazon person. Then when you do they want to send you a link to your email address so you can cancel it yourself making it very hard to do.

When they sent the link to my email address that when I got your email pissed off customer and when I told the Amazon person that I got your email link not theirs his whole tone of voice changed and put me on hold then came back on the phone and said I talked to my manager and we went ahead and canceled the trial membership for me and it was taken care of. THAT WAS AWESOME, THANKYOU.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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