i have use Amazon for a long time, and this is my worst amazon shopping experience. The story begin at 2019-10-15,i brought two GPU from third party seller.

they were selling for 300 cad which is cheaper than other seller. And i look over the review and saw a verified purchase at 2019-10-11, and it also have the amazon choice badger on it, so i think is trust able and i brought two of them. After i brought it, i have a chat with customer service about the seller and how the return policy work with third party seller. He/she told me it is a verified third party seller and the tracking number will be sent to me soon.

So i think OK, i can sell this to my customer and get some money for it. BUT two days later, i still haven't received the tracking number. So i look for them again.


Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

Initial Question: hi, i order this at monday and it said it shipped at monday. but i never received the tracking number.

i talked to you guys yestday and he said i will get the number today but i did not. i tried to contact the seller but they did not answer me.

11:11 PM PDT Shweta(Amazon): Hello, my name is Shweta. I'm here to help you today.

11:11 PM PDT Tommy Chan: hi

11:12 PM PDT Shweta: I understand your concern about the tracking details of the order.

Is this for Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 5700 Xt 8GB GDDR6 HDMI/ Triple DP OC w/ Backplate (UEFI) PCIe 4.0 Graphics Card ?

11:12 PM PDT Tommy Chan: yes

also the msi too



11:12 PM PDT Shweta: MSI Gaming Radeon RX 5700 XT Boost Clock: 1925 MHz 256-bit 8GB GDDR6 DP/HDMI

Got it.

11:13 PM PDT Shweta: Please allow me 2 to 3 minutes to check this for you.

11:13 PM PDT Tommy Chan: ok

11:16 PM PDT Shweta: Thank you for staying connected. Considering the seller ratings and experiences with other buyers from this seller, I am afraid if the orders were really shipped, Tommy.

Situations as such are very unusual with us and we expect all our sellers to provide the service that matches ours.

I am trying to file the A-Z guarantee claim against the seller for complete refund.

11:18 PM PDT Tommy Chan: i just wondering because i brought this card for very low price. and i cant find another graph card that have the same price. but i brought other part to match this graphic card already, can amazon exchange to other similar product for me?

11:19 PM PDT Shweta: I am sorry but we cannot replace or match the price with the seller sold products Tommy.

The A to Z guarantee claim has been submitted for both the orders.

11:20 PM PDT Shweta: We have readily granted it as it looks like the seller has left Amazon platform.

11:20 PM PDT Tommy Chan: but that mean i need to spend another 300 cad

but what they still selling product?

11:21 PM PDT Shweta: A refund of CDN$ 300.00 and CDN$ 300.00 has been issued to your Visa card, it will be credited in the next 3-5 business days.

We have removed the listing of their products from our website so that customers don't have the same experience again.

11:22 PM PDT Tommy Chan: i just cant accept this...

you know how much money i have put into my pc build

11:23 PM PDT Tommy Chan: i can save 400 cad if i get this card

11:24 PM PDT Shweta: I understand how disappointing this can be, Tommy. I am truly sorry about this experience and have also got it reported to our seller team.

I'll be glad to issue a $30 promotional credit as an apology gesture from us.

I hope you understand our limitations with this.

11:26 PM PDT Tommy Chan: can you send me to someone that have more power, because it not just me, i going to lose 600 dollar because i need to pay 350 dollar more to buy another card for my customer .

11:27 PM PDT Tommy Chan: this really should not happened...

11:27 PM PDT Shweta: Your skepticism is justified. However, considering the limited options we have in this regard, I believe you will receive the same response.

11:28 PM PDT Tommy Chan: can you still send it. i cant afford the lost

11:28 PM PDT Shweta: Sure, Allow me a moment to transfer this chat to my Supervisor.

11:28 PM PDT Tommy Chan: thanks

11:29 PM PDT Tommy Chan: hi

11:29 PM PDT Amey(Amazon): Hello, my name is Amey from the leadership team. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.

11:32 PM PDT Amey: Upon checking I see that the refund of CDN$ 300.00 is already been issued.

11:33 PM PDT Amey: And the item is not available with the same seller anymore.

11:34 PM PDT Tommy Chan: is not about the refund.

if you seach rx5700xt, the price of oother prodcut is 573 and above. i got it for 300 cad. i got one for me and other for my customer

11:34 PM PDT Amey: So we wont be able to offer price match in this case.

11:34 PM PDT Tommy Chan: so i dont get it, i saw someone review the product at october 11,2019 and have the verified purchase badge. i dont get it how the seller just left amazon and how it still get amazons choice Badge when i search rx5700

11:35 PM PDT Tommy Chan: and i asked you guys at monday about the seller and they he/she said it is amazon verified third party seller

11:38 PM PDT Amey: How do you want us to proceed in this case?

11:39 PM PDT Tommy Chan: i just want amazon send me the product, no matter from other seller or what

11:40 PM PDT Amey: We wont be able to issue the replacement as we have already issued full refund for the order.

Please place new order in this case, with different seller on our website.

11:41 PM PDT Tommy Chan: you dont understand.

I brought this card for 300 cad, and if i going to buy one now is going to be 573cad

who going to pay for the 500 cad


11:42 PM PDT Amey: The Order is been canceled by the seller and we do not offer price match in case of third party seller orders.

11:42 PM PDT Tommy Chan: but i talked to you guys at least two time but nobody tell me that

11:43 PM PDT Amey: I'm sorry if you have been not informed about this before.

11:44 PM PDT Tommy Chan: what is the point of this. you guys want me to leave with 30 dollar. what about the other 470 cad

can you tell me what to do

11:44 PM PDT Amey: We have issued $300 refund not $30.

11:45 PM PDT Tommy Chan: if you look at what the last guys said you will understand

11:46 PM PDT Amey: Both of these cards are available with different sellers now, and at different price.

We really do not offer price match in these cases.

11:46 PM PDT Tommy Chan: so what you want me to do. you guys should take that page down when it is not available.

11:47 PM PDT Tommy Chan: is not my fault

it doesn't have any warning when i buy it

it even have the amazons choice badger on it

11:48 PM PDT Amey: There is no warning Tommy, the seller could not complete the orders hence we have issued refunds for you.

11:48 PM PDT Tommy Chan: so what should i trust

11:48 PM PDT Amey: There might be pricing error, which caused the order cancellation.

11:48 PM PDT Tommy Chan: so in the future i buy something in low price and the seller doesn't want to sell me.

they just leave amazon

11:48 PM PDT Amey: And as the same seller is not available anymore, we wont be able to issue price match for you.

11:49 PM PDT Tommy Chan: is that what u mean

11:49 PM PDT Amey: I see, that the seller is been reported already.

11:49 PM PDT Tommy Chan: so what amazon did not take any action

11:50 PM PDT Amey: Our legal team will look into it and take actions against the seller.

11:50 PM PDT Tommy Chan: how about you give me exchange for one of the card. i really need it for my customer

11:50 PM PDT Amey: We always take case that this should not happen and sellers are verified, however this very rare this has happened.

11:51 PM PDT Tommy Chan: and i cant jus tpay extra 270 cad myself becaus is not my fault

11:51 PM PDT Amey: Tommy, if the card is not available anymore, how would I can replace it?

We really so not have option to issue replacement for the third party seller orders.

11:52 PM PDT Tommy Chan: how about credit

11:53 PM PDT Amey: How much credit you are looking for?

11:53 PM PDT Tommy Chan: what you think

11:54 PM PDT Tommy Chan: i dont need credit for both of my card. just one of them

11:54 PM PDT Amey: The maximum I can issue is $30 promotional credit.

11:54 PM PDT Tommy Chan: ....

11:55 PM PDT Tommy Chan: what should i say

will you accept this if you are in my situation?



11:55 PM PDT Amey: I'm sorry but this is the maximum I can issue in this case.

11:56 PM PDT Amey: As I'm already making exception to issue it.

11:57 PM PDT Tommy Chan: i really cant believe it, it never happen in bestbuy, and other store

11:58 PM PDT Tommy Chan: can you tell me how should i accept this

11:58 PM PDT Amey: I'm sorry but as it is third party seller item, we wont be able to offer price match.

11:59 PM PDT Tommy Chan: but why you guys did not tell me that when i brought it. so i wont sell it to my customer

this is not right

12:00 AM PDT Amey: It is mentioned on the item page on our website.

12:00 AM PDT Tommy Chan: where?

i only see it say ships from and sold by amazon.ca

12:01 AM PDT Amey: It says sold and shipped by Amazon Marketplace.

12:02 AM PDT Tommy Chan: can i send you the pic

12:02 AM PDT Amey: Now it is available with sold and shipped amazon.ca, that is why the price is different.

I agree that currently it is available with sold and shipped by amazon.ca

But the orders which you were refunded for are sold and shipped by amazon marketplace.

12:03 AM PDT Tommy Chan: but you said amazon mention that the product is not available

thats what you said

12:03 AM PDT Amey: I said it is mentioned that the item is sold and shipped by third party seller.

12:04 AM PDT Amey: When you placed the order, it was available with sold and shipped by Amazon marketplace.

And Amazon marketplace is the seller.

They are the third party sellers, on our website.

12:04 AM PDT Tommy Chan: but i saying it did not tell me anywhere on the product page to the purchase screen to customer service until today it is not available

12:05 AM PDT Amey: The order is canceled by the seller Tommy.

As they are no more available on our website.

12:06 AM PDT Amey: As it was available on the website, we did not know it would be canceled

And we have already full refund for both the orders as seller could not deliver it.

12:06 AM PDT Tommy Chan: so if i did not talk to you guys today, they just take my 600 dollar away

12:06 AM PDT Amey: issued*

12:07 AM PDT Amey: No, we would have refunded, if the orders were not delivered.

As we have reported the seller already.

However we wont be able to price match or issue refund for the price difference, as the item is not available with the same seller.

12:07 AM PDT Tommy Chan: i dont really care is third party seller or not.

i just cant accept his because non of you guys tell me this until today

12:08 AM PDT Tommy Chan: and i ready promise my customer i going to sell him this product

12:08 AM PDT Amey: We didn't tell you this before, because we got this update today only.

12:09 AM PDT Amey: How can we inform you something which is not known to us.

12:09 AM PDT Tommy Chan: so i just pay extra 270 dollar because it is not my fault

12:09 AM PDT Amey: We wont be able to offer you $270 credit.

I'm really sorry bout that.

12:09 AM PDT Tommy Chan: even you guys did not know this, it is selling at amazon

12:09 AM PDT Amey: about*

12:10 AM PDT Tommy Chan: and it is the top 5 item listed not the product that is list at 23 pages

12:12 AM PDT Tommy Chan: i buy it at amazon because i trust it but i cant believe amazon just going to get away like this

12:12 AM PDT Amey: I'm really sorry if you feel so, however I really do not have the option to issue price match.

12:13 AM PDT Tommy Chan: so what, i brought this at amazon when it is avilable

12:14 AM PDT Amey: I understand that, however it is not available with the same seller and we wont able to issue any price match in this case.

12:14 AM PDT Tommy Chan: you know how many hour i need to work for that money

this is bs

12:15 AM PDT Amey: I completely understand your concern however please try to understand my limitation.

12:15 AM PDT Tommy Chan: do you still have anyone that have more control

12:16 AM PDT Tommy Chan: i cant take this

this is just not right

12:16 AM PDT Amey: We are the last point of escalation over the chat.

12:18 AM PDT Tommy Chan: give me a sec

12:20 AM PDT Amey: Okay.

12:21 AM PDT Amey: I don't mean to rush you, but we've been idle for 1 minute. I want to make sure our chat's still connected.

If you aren't able to respond in 1 minute, this chat will close.

12:22 AM PDT Tommy Chan: can you give me anything above 30 dollar, like at least 50

12:23 AM PDT Amey: I'm really sorry but as I have checked, I see that you have already been issued $35 promotional credit for these orders.

12:23 AM PDT Tommy Chan: what you even talking about

12:23 AM PDT Amey: I can issue maximum $35 promotional credit on the account.

12:23 AM PDT Tommy Chan: 35 dollar is for the amd 3600 cpu

12:24 AM PDT Tommy Chan: not these gpu

i just want 50

just give me 50 and i will leave

i dont want to waste any time on this

12:25 AM PDT Amey: Done. $50 promotional credit issued.

12:25 AM PDT Tommy Chan: ok


Thank you.

Amazon.ca You are the worst.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Worst.

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