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Update by user Jun 22, 2017

Full refund of purchase price. Multiple apologies from various Amazon customer service managers. Signed letter from local delivery manager outlining steps taken to ensure this issue does not happen again and a response to the Fire Marshal's complaint along with his direct contact info should any issues occur in the future.

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2017

Idiots from Amazon left a stack of boxes (some marked "heavy") completely blocking in the main door to my house -- putting me and my entire family at risk from fire or other emergency. I have cancelled my standing subscriptions and will never buy anything from this outfit again that won't fit in my mailbox.

I have filed a complaint with my local Fire Marshal asking them to issue a warning about this practice and will be following up with the State of Texas AG to ensure this insanity stops immediately.

What the *** kind of training do these Amazon delivery morons receive???? How *** do you have to be to not see how dangerous this practice is?

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor delivery service.

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I am interested in the 2-in-1 tablet & Phone, I wanted to hear about how it works, not the condition of the box it came in. Has anyone used the phone and LIKED it?

It received 5 stars in the description online. I am a 77 yr senior, I must have a phone that is easy to understand, and use. I am still thinking that I want to try the phone. As long as it doesn't explode or catch fire.

I thought the price is more than reasonable.

I have had several phones, and the only thing I have wished for, is that it does what the instructions says it can do. I'll give it a try, and get back to you.


Are you really that dumb! They don't deliver.

Postal service or ups. I guess your jumping on the winey wagon.


You just wanted something for free.. This was the post office that delivered these.

You cried and complained just to simply scam a company to get your money back. Shame on people like you


Amazon does not deliver their own packages, at least not here in NY. I've seen the U.S. Postal service, UPS


Doesn't look like many folks here have much sympathy for you.

In all fairness, this is one of the lamest complaints I've ever seen here and you don't have your facts straight about the delivery personnel.

Advice - stop whining, get a life, and quit ordering so much junk at once.

Wayne, Nebraska, United States #1348584

Where did you want them to put your packages, on your roof? You are a ***


Wow, where did you want the delivery guy to put the packages, on your roof?


You are a ***! Where did you want them to put your packages?

On your roof? LOL


You sound like a whining, liberal Democrat, snowflake. Are you still upset that your side lost the election? Get over it.

to Anonymous #1345790

How does that have anything to do with this?

to Anonymous Miami, Florida, United States #1345864

Everyone knows that Democratic supporters are the biggest whiners, and sore losers ever. The official seal of the Democratic party is a picture of a man, that still lives at home in his mother's basement, crying his eyes out about the black lies matter movement. They simply complain about everything, and they are usually jobless, welfare queens, and I do MEAN QUEERS!

to Anonymous #1420839

This is probably the stupidest post I’ve ever seen.

Typical obnoxious, immoral , lying Trump supporter.

to Anonymous #1346839

I agree! Democrats will not a have chance to get back into office for another 50 years.

Yes, the are that crooked, dumb, and desperate. Republican 2020, F Your feelings!

to Anonymous #1358549

What the *** does an election have to do with anything

to Dawn B #1361592

Your side lost get over it. What does some Yankee dirtbag like you got to do with it?

to Anonymous #1534284

Personally attacking people, bringing politics into it.

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1343503

Oh, no! A little bug man was 'trapped' in his little bug house as a result of living his little bug man life.This bug man was just mad that he had to actually go outside to snap these 'incriminating' pics. Creep.


I can tell by the labels that these were delivered via Amazon Flex. The people that delivered these packages don't work for Amazon.

They are hired by Amazon as independent contractors. Training is minimal and is done via videos.

As these were delivered by independent contractors, Amazon didn't need to do a thing for you. They comped your items out of sheer good will.


Let's think about this, if you're at risk due to fire or emergency technically you're only at risk if you're inside the house. That means you would've had to been home when they were delivered but just were too important to be bothered by your own packages to answer the door. That would mean you put yourself at risk not the delivery drivers


Hey dip ***! Do some research before you go on a ridiculous rant.

The only thing that can go in your mailbox is mail or packages delivered by USPS.

Courier and shipping companies are unable to touch mailboxes. How about you pick up your *** packages or if you're always out of the house then go to the store yourself and buy items!

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