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I didn't buy used books, but 2 cameras that cost more than $3000. I ordered 2 xt3 Fujifilm cameras, one day delivery to do my business on Wednesday, an order to be fulfilled by Amazon.

I had to use these cameras on Friday night, and I didn't get them. I spent my Friday morning talking to representatives and their supervisors. When I called the first representative he sent me an email in the middle of the conversation saying that my item will arrive next Tuesday (almost a week late). During the weekend I had to do shooting.

I lost the job and money... On Friday morning they guaranteed me to deliver the item on Saturday. It is Saturday noon, and still the items are not marked as shipped. I spent my Saturday morning talking to representatives who couldn't do anything, but saying sorry.

They cannot communicate or send a message to the warehouse, and they can't do anything. I told them, you guys messed me up, send it in 4 hours with a taxi driver, or order it from b&h or Adorama for me, to go and pick it up. My only way of paying for these expensive cameras was to use the Amazon Store Card, which is not accepted at B&H or Adorama. I asked them to call the warehouse and speed them up.

The Amazon supervisors couldn't do anything but say that they are sorry. I have a headache... I payed for other accessories from other companies for one day delivery (atomos V recorder for the cameras, cables, batteries) and I got them on time, but I can't use them... because the cameras are the core part.

So I payed one-day shipping to them for these accessories, loosing money as I was unable to use them. One of my first use of these cameras will be to make a video, discouraging people from using Amazon services, and I will post it on youtube, Vimeo, social media, on my website, etc...

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with both customer service, delivery, and much more....

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: They ruined my business, compensate for the loss..

Amazon Pros: I was able to talk to people.

Amazon Cons: These people i talk to.

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You need a little bit of savy to be a business person, which you clearly do not have. You can't order anything - one day shipping or not - that you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE online.

The postal service, couriers, etc. are too unpredictable. Anyone with a brain should know this.

Amazon needs to refund the one-day shipping charge, that is all. Be better prepared and make better decisions.