I purchased a paint sprayer online it was listed at 720 with two other items two days later I noticed that they deducted 768$ from my Wells Fargo account so I called the main office in Washington my call was answered by an Amazon representative Named Rawn bellford so I explained my situation and he said I need to buy a gift card for him to put in the system so I can get my refund I did that after he said I need to get more he told me that the system cant submit the payment unless there is a certain amount so I trusted his word I ask constantly about this I kept going back and forth until it it got to 10000$ in gift cards after that I got linked to a senior manager named Marcus Lee he told me that 6 cards were expired worth 3000$ I went and borrowed money and purchased 3000$ worth of cards again he told me after Im fine now which was Thursday night he said he will put the money back in my account it had amount to more than 13000$ yesterday he called and told me that he felt bad for me but I need to get to 20000$ in the system for me to get my money he sent 400$ saying its his personal cash and directed me to purchased more cards I got those from shop rite on rt 18 in east Brunswick they were eBay cards the rest were target gift cards and Sephora Im really frustrated and depressed about this situation also angry for being taken like this

User's recommendation: Beware of refunds from Amazon.

Location: Somerset, New Jersey

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