Install the program into my phone that deleted all the music that I had on my phone that wasn't purchased from them all was installed in my phone from the CDs that I have purchased in the old outright. The person that I spoke to told me I didn't have the right to have them because they weren't owned by me and then left the program in my phone then Now does not allow me not even to download the music I outright Lyon that I had purchased from them.

How is it that a company has the right to go into a person's personal property do programs and delete their personal music.

The corporations must be paying them to do this to force others to buy their their songs or to force people to rent music from them on their platform will you pay monthly it's a listen to all the music you want. They continuously advertise this and I think that they do this to try to force you to buy into that platform.

User's recommendation: Be careful how you deal with buying music on Amazon.

Location: Miami Gardens, Florida

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