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Every week I review my recent transactions on my bank account to spot potentially fraudulent activity. I noticed a transaction that did not contain an order number in the description like all the other transactions so I called my bank for more info.

I was asked if I wanted to dispute the transaction and disable my card so I agreed.

Misleading Transaction Description:


This are logical steps that any rational customer would take when encountering a potential threat like this. Amazon has LOCKED my account, and won't even allow me to repay the order that was charged back with a new card. I would imagine with most cases of disputed transactions, the cardholder would request a new card, right? So this process of not allowing the customer to use a card that isn't on file to repay the order is REDICULOUS.

I can understand that there is a risk associated with entering a new card number over the phone or via email, so the best solution would be to deduct the chargeback amount from your Amazon balance, and block the ability to make any new purchases until the amazon balance is no longer negative. As it stands I may have to wait MONTHS before my Amazon Business account is reinstated, all starting from an error ON THEIR END.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Preferred solution: My account reinstated .

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How is it an error on their end? So if you are concerned about paying the chargeback it must have been a valid purchase and not disputed.