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From: Jenny Sims

Date: February 17, 2022 at 2:54:36 AM EST

To: "ofm@***.com"

Subject: Re: Your Amazon.com account has been closed

This is *** the cream did not come in the package it said it came in , and if you listened to voice recording you would hear that I asked about it cause it was not in there and I said before requesting for money back Id wait to see if it came with rest of my order which it did and thats why I did not call back for refund but it came in the next package that came . I told them that I didnt want money I wanted cream that I would wait and see because things like that had been happening and thats no fault of my own . I live with a minister and we have cameras I just called and asked about it. I cancelled the pants order to order two more uniforms that was top and body instead just pants because it was cheaper that way and the pants had not been shipped even though they were supposed to. I also let yall know u needed to do a check on the company on the socks cause they did not put them in actually packaging they put a label and shipped wide open. The other socks said that they could not be shipped their was a problem with order. When I called they said it could be because of damages or drivers error. You need to listen to tape. I ordered those uniforms because I have to have them for work and if yall had sent pants day you said I would not of canceled because they had not been shipped and I ordered more uniforms. I got the last order of socks. The cream came in box with my mask yesterday. Thats not my problem thats your shippers problem. Im a Christian woman and this is just crazy bull hockey. I get deductions from my uniforms for taxes and cant even get into account. I was nice enough to let yall know the two sock companies that you needed to stop doing business with because they did not stick in packaging. It was like going to Walmart grabbing an open pair of socks sticking a label and mailing and we have that on camera. I let yall know out the kindness of my heart. Also the other returns was because the uniforms was way too big and that three people could fit in them and they were small . The vent cover didnt work on my ceiling vent so yes if it dont stick and work I have every right to send it back. Just like the two uniforms that doesnt fit. But the uniforms I ordered i all ready ordered one set so I knew they would work and I HAVE TO HAVE THEM FOR WORK. Its not my fault pants were not shipped and delayed. Ive not ask for anything for free!!!!! I pay for everything I get. Im going to news with this Im livid. Im a first responder! I do not deserve to be treated this way especially if u listen to voice recordings and I state clearly that yall need to check the company that did not put stuff in packaging properly so it didnt get here properly ! I expect my account to be opened promptly and my uniforms better get here do to fact I have to have them!!! Im very livid. This is how the pack that was supposed to be six pair of socks arrived . There is a pandemic going on and we could shut this place down for this the way the one sock came and it was supposed to be six pairs !!! Then I turned around and ordered a 25 dollar pack that I did receive so everything I paid for and what did not work I sent back!!! Im honestly thinking of calling news crew because u shut my account down. Even after I was told things would be here overnight and even paid once and it did not get here and I did not cancel yall !

On Feb 16, 2022, at 12:19 PM, "ofm@***.com" wrote:


We have closed this account because you have consistently requested refunds for a large number of your orders. While we expect the occasional problem with an order, we cannot continue to issue refunds to you at this rate.

If you had open orders on this account, those orders were canceled when we closed the account.

AMZN_US confirmed the Scar Remover Gel for Scars from C-Section, Stretch Marks, Acne, Surgery, Effective for both Old and New Scars you ordered was in the box at the time it left our fulfillment center and that the box was delivered to you intact. As a result, we cannot issue a replacement or a refund for this item.

Any digital content that you purchased with this account is still available to you. To access the content, click the Manage Your Content and Devices link on the Your Orders menu on Amazon.com.

If you would like to appeal this decision, please reply to this email to reach an Account Specialist. Our Customer Service team can only confirm that we sent this message and help you with technical issues. They cannot reverse this decision or share more details on this matter.

Account Specialist



Location: Orlando, Florida

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