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Recently I am very disappointed and unhappy about the Amazon's customer service. In particular, I want to complain those guys in the Communication Team/Review Moderator. They are not caring customers's feeling, also they do not try their best to help the royal customer. When I wrote email to them inquiring my questions, they even do not put their name at the end of email. Why? I am guessing they are protecting themselves from being complained or contacted by the customer. This is really ridiculous and not professional.

I need their detailed explanations, but they just replied me with one FORMATIVE email. And in the email, they even say "You will not receive any update on this issue any more. We will not reply..bla bla bla..." How can a customer service treat their clients in such a rude way?

I can not believe this will happen on a international company! MORE IMPORTANTLY, I think some customer service treated me in a DISCRIMINATED AND DISRESPECT way!! Certain local American people complain to them, they would reinstate his account right way. But I am not WHITE, they ignored all my request and do not help me at all.

They even do not allow me to share my honest opinions which against the LAWS!!! I will not recommend my friend or anyone to do online shopping on AMAZON.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Boone, North Carolina

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Lol as if Amazon knows what race you are... Just ***