Cleveland, Ohio
Not resolved

Amazon Delivery incompetence is at mind-boggling levels. I had two orders coming from Amazon to my business.

It was for my business, not personal. I told them we closed at 4 PM. We're not open Sat & Sun. I even put a sign on the door telling them that.

Still my 1 order got returned because 'business closed' - at 7 PM Thurs, Sat & Sun!!! The other package never arrived at all. I contacted them over and over again and they still couldn't get the packages to me. Always chatting with someone in India or Arabia, never US or local shipment facility.

I never had an issue with them until they began delivering themselves. UPS & USPS always got my packages to me and in a timely manner.

They should allow us to chose our carrier, even if we have to pay extra to use someone besides them. I hope this is their downfall because I am seriously considering dropping Prime after this Amazon Business experience.

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