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I had a store substitute a cheaper item for a high end version. Unfortunately I was charged for the product I ordered which was twice the price.

The customer service agent I talked to couldn't have cared less. I was put on an obvious hold anytime I had something negative to say to the rep about the experience. It's a shame because I final just plunked down the $100 for amazon prime. There was absolutely no effort made to get the right product ordered and shipped.

Amazon I'm sorry to say our time has come to part ways. You were always my go to source for an online purchase. Now I will go out of my way if I have to buy elsewhere.

Thanks for the compassion. The storefront CGCS will never get my money again.

Reason of review: was sent inferior product, lousy customer service.

Amazon Cons: Horrible customer service.

Store Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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