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Hi ALL, have you been on this endless loop with Amazon ?

I tried to purchase a gift card and got an Address-verification email (email number 1) from Amazon and my account was locked.

I confirmed my visa debit details in a reply email as requested. After a day or so with no response I used the chat help and supplied to chat help person, Salomi, the same details again.

Original Order ID: Gift Card(s) Ordered (Order #XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX)

My email address is: XXXXXXXX@gmail.com

My Phone Number on file with my bank: XX XXXXXXX (in NZ)

Address from card BILLING STATEMENT: XX XXX XX, XXXXXX, Wellington 6012 (this is in New Zealand)

Then I got another email "we request that you fax us a copy of the billing statement associated with the debit or credit card provided as payment" (email number 2) - I sent this information via Fax Zero online - the bank billing statement and all requested details including my banks call line. I again used the chat help and gave Terence, the chat person, the same information and he advised he would contact an account specialist. He also requested the banks help line number.

Number to ring for my card issuer: (XXXXXX in New Zealand) is XX X XXX XXXX

I then got an email saying my account was unlocked. YAY !!

Returning to my Amazon account I found that my card details and order were gone, so I put my card details back on my account, made that my one-click payment method and placed a new gift card order for a friend in the States…


Now my new order is frozen, my account locked again and I am back to the same problem with another email (same as number 2) "we request that you fax us a copy of the billing statement associated with the debit or credit card provided as payment" …..HELP!! So online I go again , my 3rd visit to the chat help.where Elsie sends through another notification to the account specialists and apologises that I have already provided this information…am I on an endless escalator ?? Should I try the international help Ph number ? Are they authorised to do more than the Chat help team ? and so far my time has cost me money, amazons help team has cost them money....and Amazon US has not made a cent yet from a genuine customer..

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

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Yea... I'm going through the same thing right now lol... got the account locked and prompted to fax in a credit card billing statement - however, I'm using a debit card, it pulls any purchase right off my bank account, so I make a futile attempt to send in my account statement (with ALL the parameters they asked for and explanatory notes), after waiting half an aeon I get the same mail as before "DERP send us CC billing statement HERP" - I mail back and tell them this is what I can offer - they reply with the same *** copypasta "DURR send us billing statement"


Just delete amazon from your life, they are criminals,pure and simple, nobody can be as incompetent as they act.Habib, in India asked me for my card number today .I said ,are you insane? He starts laughing,said he would open an investigation if I gave him my lifes history ,aka SSI#,credit card # full name ,and address, WTF,I may file civil suit, 75.00 bucks and get a judgement ,He wants my card number when I call to complain about card fraud ..NEVER AGAIN,AMAZON= NO COMPRENDO