I rented a book from Apex Media for my college class. It was nice and cheap ~$35.

When it came time to send the book back, I sent it back a week before the deadline. It was packed inside a fitted box with bubble wrap, and was in pristine condition (how they sent it to me). After a few days I got a notice of rejection from Apex Media saying the binding was damaged. When I got the book back, the outer cover was nearly ripped off, which could NOT have happened while it was inside the box I sent it in.

I was then charged nearly ~$260 for the book, which was above what a new book even costs to begin with. AVOID APEX MEDIA ON AMAZON

Monetary Loss: $268.

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Same issues but got charged $304. Almost every book I've rented was in poor condition when it was received.


yes, I have the same problem, never rent from them again!!! :cry :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(