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Amazon review in Port Arthur, Texas: Overnight Price Gouging

I went online to price a "Frozen Figure 6pc. Set". It was priced at $24.99 with Prime shipping available. I went back the next day 4-9-14 and the price has been increased to &$29.99 plus $7.98 shipping. This is almost a 50% price increase overnight. I've seen pricing change quickly on items I've looked at then come back later to a higher price. It seems to me that is odd that pricing increases after a Web site visit for that item, which is easily tracked and can trigger price change. Needless to say I did not purchase the original item I was looking at.
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I've been having problems for some time & this time I'm not going back to Amazon! Be careful when it comes to looking in the movie dept.

It goes to an order with no confirmation. So, I'm out a little over $16. Which they say they can't credit or undo! How convenient for them!

I've had other problems in other depts. too!

Be careful!


First off, the important part. This set is availiable now for $12.95 plus $4.95 shipping ($17.90 total) from the Disney Store...


I think your meant it increased to $42. Yes, I see it out there also. This has happened to me also on a few items. I just moved the item to 'Save for Later' and kept track of it to see if it will get reduced.

And your correct.

If a seller sees a high hit rate for an item, they can increase the price.

If you have an account and add items to the cart, or, save it for later, when you log in next time, Amazon tells you of any price changes. A nice feature.

I've found that prices can fluctuate like pork-belly-futures from non-Amazon sellers. Amazon-sold price changes are usually small and seldom.


That item sounds like it wasn't sold by Amazon if they're charging that price for shipping.


you figured out the game that they play. Even worst if you do not log in as an account holder you will always get a different price.

once you have an established account you will always get the higher price. slickdeals alwasy advertises prices I can not get because the price if different when I search the item.

If slickdeals has a link I can get the price.

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