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Amazon in Houston, Texas - Sports Apparel & Intimates WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE

THIS IS THE ONLY SELLER I'VE HAD PROBLEMS WITH AT AMAZON.COM. THEY WERE RUDE, AND TRIED TO BLAME THEIR NON DELIVERY OF MY ORDER WITH THE LOCATION OF MY MAILBOX (BY MY FRONT DOOR, DUH!) DON'T BUY FROM THEM THEY ARE RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS "First, you could not possibly know my tone as you are not speaking to me. Second, not every American living in a house in the US receives mail at the driveway. I do not, and I live in a very upscale neighborhood in ATL." "I do not see a mailbox at your home, how do you get your mail? and look at the USPS tracking, it has been bouncing around TX for 2 weeks." WAS HIS RESPONSE. They even Googled my address! RUDE RUDE RUDE! THEY DON'T WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH ANYBODY!
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Poor customer service

Amazon - Membership Review from Dallas, Texas

Hi, I have Purchased I phone 5 & few more products with Amazon online that was first time I purchased through my different credit cards. Today morning I have received a text from bank stating that $99 spent on my credit card for Amazon prime membership which I did not apply and not interested. I don know how this kind of incident can happen ?? How Amazon can use my credit card with out my permission. How Amazon can misuse my credit card that too 2 bank credit card which I used to purchased with them. I am really very very upset because of these thing happened to me being as a first time customer, Amazon gave me very very experience. Amazon made it to cross the credit limit. My bankers will charge me for crossed the limit which Amazon have to take care of it. I have attached screen shot proof. I want Amazon to refund the amount to my credit card asap and need a immediate action on this case. -NIRAI My h/p no : 520-328-4542
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I use Amazon all the time and I have never had a problem. Have you called them yet?

They have always been very professional and helpful when I have used them.

I have used them for Years. Good Luck.

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Amazon - Online Order Review from Killeen, Texas

I ordered 6 different items that were posted as delivered by UPS 5 days ago and still haven't received them. I have contacted Amazon and UPS and they keep pointing the finger back at each other. What's the point in using Amazon if I have to drive to post office everytime a lazy UPS driver marks as having tried to deliver, but no one was home. I've had to call these places 3 times and list 5 different tracking numbers for each item. What a nightmare.
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The issue is not at Amazon. The issue is either on you, your carrier or both.

I deal with this kind of buyers everyday. Lazy carriers, new carriers, people forget apartment #s and believe or not some people do not know how to write a US address.

Trust me on this one.

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Amazon in Austin, Texas - DEFRAUDED OUT OF $321

Three years ago I clicked on the "FREE SHIPPING" link when I purchase some items. I do not know why I was not informed that this free shipping was going to cost me an annual membership of $107 a year. They said a pop-up came up and in small print it states the annual membership fee. I have pop-up blocker and need reading glasses too. I never saw that message about the membership fee. I often bought through Amazon over the past three years so with my busy schedule and frequent purchases I didn't notice the $107 charge till recently. Amazon refuses to pay the money back. My shipping would have been much less had I not clicked on the "FREE SHIPPING" link! I REFUSE DO BUSINESS WITH AMAZON AGAIN! I contacted a class action attorney who told me about the two laws below that our SUPREME COURT passed. IT IS URGENT THAT WE VOTE WISELY THIS ELECTION SEASON! Corporate America is buying our freedoms from the REPUBLICANS who constantly side with Corporate America instead of the united States citizen. PLEASE CLICK ON LINKS TO READ THE ARTICLES OR READ THE ARTICLES THAT I PASTED BELLOW! The ‘Citizens United’ decision and why it matters By now most folks know that the U.S. Supreme Court did something that changed how money can be spent in elections and by whom, but what happened and why should you care? The Citizens United ruling, released in January 2010, tossed out the corporate and union ban on making independent expenditures and financing electioneering communications. It gave corporations and unions the green light to spend unlimited sums on ads and other political tools, calling for the election or defeat of individual candidates. In a nutshell, the high court’s 5-4 decision said that it is OK for corporations and labor unions to spend as much as they want to convince people to vote for or against a candidate. The decision did not affect contributions. It is still illegal for companies and labor unions to give money directly to candidates for federal office. The court said that because these funds were not being spent in coordination with a campaign, they “do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.” So if the decision was about spending, why has so much been written about contributions? Like seven and eight-figure donations from people like casino magnate and billionaire Sheldon Adelson who, with his family, has given about $40 million to so-called “super PACs,” formed in the wake of the decision? For that, we need to look at another court case — v. FEC. The lower-court case used the Citizens United case as precedent when it said that limits on contributions to groups that make independent expenditures are unconstitutional. And that’s what led to the creation of the super PACs, which act as shadow political parties. They accept unlimited donations from billionaires, corporations and unions and use it to buy advertising, most of it negative. The Supreme Court kept limits on disclosure in place, and super PACs are required to report regularly on who their donors are. The same can’t be said for “social welfare” groups and some other nonprofits, like business leagues. These groups can function the same way as super PACs, so long as election activity is not their primary activity. But unlike the super PACs, nonprofits do not report who funds them. That’s disturbing to those who favor transparency in elections. An attempt by Congress to pass a law requiring disclosure was blocked by Republican lawmakers. The Citizens United decision was surprising given the sensitivity regarding corporate and union money being used to influence a federal election. Congress first banned corporations from funding federal campaigns in 1907 with the Tillman Act. In 1947, the Taft-Hartley Act extended the ban to labor unions. But the laws were weak and tough to enforce. It wasn’t until 1971 that Congress got serious and passed the Federal Election Campaign Act, which required the full reporting of campaign contributions and expenditures. It limited spending on media advertisements. But that portion of the law was ruled unconstitutional — and that actually opened the door for the Citizens United decision. Spending is speech, and is therefore protected by the Constitution — even if the speaker is a corporation. AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion Docket No. 09-893 Op. Below 9th Cir. Argument Nov 9, 2010 Tr.Aud. Opinion Apr 27, 2011 Vote 5-4 Author Scalia Term OT 2010 Holding: California state contract law, which deems class-action waivers in arbitration agreements unenforceable when certain criteria are met, is preempted by the Federal Arbitration Act because it stands as an obstacle to the accomplishment and execution of the full purposes and objectives of Congress. Plain English Holding: Under the Federal Arbitration Act, California must enforce arbitration agreements even if the agreement requires that consumer complaints be arbitrated individually (instead of on a class-action basis). Judgment: Ninth Circuit Reversed, 5-4, in an opinion by Justice Scalia on April 27, 2011. Justice Thomas filed a concurring opinion. Justice Breyer filed a dissenting opinion, which was joined by Justices Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan. WHO WILL YOU VOTE FOR THIS YEAR? CUT AND PASTE THESE LAWS AND PASS THEM ON.
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You obviously are biased and probably work for Amazon. *** sounds like your eternal dwelling place!


Corporate America is robbing the United States citizen of justice and freedom by paying off politicians (mostly Republicans) to pass laws that prevent US citizens justice in the court system, favoring corporate America and thus enslaving Americans.


This seems to be a plug for personal political preferences and not a legitimate complaint. It is up to the consumer to read the fine print on anything they purchase, online or in person.

If you have a popup blocker, the very act of allowing the page to display it should have alerted you to the need to pay attention. I'd suggest a book on computer literacy and recommend you change the font display size in either your operating system or your web browser. Ignorance is not an excuse, nor is inadequate vision.. I should know.

As for the politics, if you don't like corporations advancing their agenda's in order to grow and preserve their business (and the global economy), there may be room at Walden Pond.

I hear sun dried bricks are the new stucco!

Good luck. Pieces of love.

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Book Rental Review

Rented a book for a fair price and blindly trusted the service because I trust Amazon. I returned the book on time and in the same condition I received it. Today I received an email informing me that my return was "rejected" (because of supposed torn pages) and I was simultaneously charged over $350! What a scam! The book is not even worth $300 brand new! Apex Media needs to be marked fraudulent because they stole my money! They are thieves! *It is worth mentioning that Amazon's representatives seemed to do all they could to help me. Still, I can not say I am impressed with their policy on this issue. I am a college student and already facing financial hardships. What a burden this has become!
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They have an F rating from the BBB! This company dominates the Amazon marketplace. I buy several textbooks through Amazon for my bookstore. I would buy from 1 non-neebo named seller only to have the books shipped by this company and other non-neebo named sellers...
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Amazon in Port Arthur, Texas - Overnight Price Gouging

I went online to price a "Frozen Figure 6pc. Set". It was priced at $24.99 with Prime shipping available. I went back the next day 4-9-14 and the price has been increased to &$29.99 plus $7.98 shipping. This is almost a 50% price increase overnight. I've seen pricing change quickly on items I've looked at then come back later to a higher price. It seems to me that is odd that pricing increases after a Web site visit for that item, which is easily tracked and can trigger price change. Needless to say I did not purchase the original item I was looking at.
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I've been having problems for some time & this time I'm not going back to Amazon! Be careful when it comes to looking in the movie dept.

It goes to an order with no confirmation. So, I'm out a little over $16. Which they say they can't credit or undo! How convenient for them!

I've had other problems in other depts. too!

Be careful!


First off, the important part. This set is availiable now for $12.95 plus $4.95 shipping ($17.90 total) from the Disney Store...


I think your meant it increased to $42. Yes, I see it out there also. This has happened to me also on a few items. I just moved the item to 'Save for Later' and kept track of it to see if it will get reduced.

And your correct.

If a seller sees a high hit rate for an item, they can increase the price.

If you have an account and add items to the cart, or, save it for later, when you log in next time, Amazon tells you of any price changes. A nice feature.

I've found that prices can fluctuate like pork-belly-futures from non-Amazon sellers. Amazon-sold price changes are usually small and seldom.


That item sounds like it wasn't sold by Amazon if they're charging that price for shipping.


you figured out the game that they play. Even worst if you do not log in as an account holder you will always get a different price.

once you have an established account you will always get the higher price. slickdeals alwasy advertises prices I can not get because the price if different when I search the item.

If slickdeals has a link I can get the price.

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I made a purchase over a month ago, I had no idea it was coming from Hong Kong, The order was made on Jan 14th, I have not received it yet. Yesterday, I was given a refund, but I was honest & called & told them it was coming out of the wrong acc. instead of E-Future, so now I am back to square one on a refund, by being honest. Never do business/w Amazon or especially E-Future who sells crocheted hats I am sick of this & I just want my money back & that person booted off Amazon! Save yourself a hassle, MOST are crooks anyway & Amazon does not even take Pay pal. Just stay away from such places & now I have another one about e-bay! A nest of crooks in all of these places. Its not the money after a while its the crooks & principle of it all!
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Yes it sucks most of the time.


same thing happened to me only the seller continued answering me with ( must be the post office it was mailed)I never would have ordered if I new they are a seller in Hong Kong.And Amazon just seemed a bit pissy when you call.It's March and I ordered in November unless my order is being relayed buy swimmers my guess is these sellers pick and choose who they actually send the orders out too.


As a former amazon additct. order posters from all over the world some times they make it to me in a month or two sometimes never arrive at all and trying to get any kind of assistance from AMAZON waste of my time.

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Amazon is wasting people's time

I placed an order with Amazon thinking how much time I would save and how efficient the whole process is. Instead, the $80 order required signature so UPS didn't leave it there. I find out about this because I got an email from Amazon I called UPS and after two attempts I am able to connect to a human being (that's a challenge!). I am told I need to follow the instructions UPS left but no instructions were left in my home. Then, the UPS person tells me I need to contact the post office and gave me another phone number and a different long tracking number (different from the UPS) I had enough. I decided to cancel the order. I called Amazon and cancelling the order is another nightmare. AMAZON, you guys are supposed to be expert in shipping. For an $80 order, you could have dropped that in my house. I would come from work, get my order and I would be happy. Instead, I spent like two hours in this mess. Never again, tomorrow I am going to the store and get what I need in 15 minutes
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The only problem, my dear, is that our drones just stopped working and crashed.. Don't worry, because I am not worried.

Thanks much for your money.. Jeff Bezos


I AGREE WHOLE-HEARTEDLY I AM accountspecialist, and I KNOW WHAT I SAY IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!



EVER. EVER!!!!!!



Well, Amanda, I do still love you and we DO NOT CARE anything about those lesser beings who pay money to us. I mean, really, if they are so *** as to pay their money to us, that money belongs to us!!!!! LUV JEFF


We, at, can do whatever we want to do, because WE are superior to ALL of YOU. I KNOW, because I am a member of the Executive Customer Relations Team at, and, even though I have lost ALL of my INSIGHT, I am hoping that my Best Friend Forever, Jeff Bezos, still loves me.


ME, TOO JEFF BEZOS As soon as I can get some INSIGHT, I will respond. TILL THEN...


Hope you get over your brain disease. LUV


Thank you. My brain is just fine, the only thing is I seem to have lost my insight.

Have you found it?

please return it to me. Amanda


GEE, all of you sorry beings. Sorry I haven't written anything, but I have been having very bad hair days. I will try my best to respond to your *** questions, if I can find a good hair treatment on



When the advertising department came up with the slogan "RETURNS ARE EASY", they forgot to get approval from the Executive Customer Relations Team of, of which I am a proud member. WE WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER HAVE MADE SUCH A *** STATEMENT!!!!!!!!!

We, in our insight, made the DIFFICULT DECISION, to cancel any account whose owner even TRIED to return any item bought on THAT'S OUR STORY, AND WE'RE STICKING BY IT!!!!!!



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Amazon agent did not tell the truth

When the box was delivered by UPS, I did not open the it because I had already talked to Amazon Customer service and was asurred that I could return it without being charged a return shipping cost. I called customer after the box arrivedand again I WAS TOLD BY AMAZON REP that he would EMail a return label and I would not be charged return shipping. I was charged $12.08 for two items that were never taken out of the shipping box. If I had known that return shipping was going to be charged I would have kept the items and sold them on EBay. VERY, VERY UNHAPPY WITH AMAZON.
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Your cost & my wife,s is peanuts to some peoples. Consider it a good lesson & a cheap one at that!

But, we know its the principle of the whole thing too! Hooyah


OR ELSE, you can contact me, since I am a member of the Executive Customer Relations Team at

Amanda Nix


You should just contact me, Jeff Bezos, Always friendly and concerned about my customers!



Why did you order and then cancel ? who do you think pays for shipping?are you part of the "you how me a living crowd" give it to me for nothing?

someone always pays . :(


If a company, such as Amazon, promises something, IT MUST DELIVER ON ITS PROMISE, or risk unfavorable comments. (Unless, of course, YOU are an Amazon employee?????

Are You???? Sounds Like It!!!!!)


Really, you HOW me an explanation, since I am a member of the "you HOW me a living crowd". REALLY, WARLOCK, I WAS CHARGED AND PAID FOR THE SHIPPING, NOT YOU.

If you have something to contribute, please do so. Otherwise, just go on buying stuff from


"RETURNS ARE EASY". At least that is what Amazon says.

Guess you, along with hundreds of others, found out that it ain't so!

Are you STILL buying stuff from Amazon?????

WHY????? :?

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