Of the 10+ orders that I have ordered or as a gift to me, at least 8 were sent to the wrong address. All of these were sent to an address that was at least 15 miles from our house and the only thing in common with my address was the ZIP code and state.

My physical address is 291 Eagle Crest Dr, Bernice OK 74331. I can look at my address and a picture of my house on Google Maps from my phone. I can somewhat understand if you deliver my packages next door or at least on the same street. But you can't even get it to the right TOWN!!!Anyone would think that Amazon has the latest and greatest search engine in finding addresses.

Obviously that is not the case because you keep sending my packages to an address not even close to ours.

I have directed all the people that buy things online to not use Amazon for their shipping to us because you people get it right. I hope this complaint makes it all the way to Bezos desk as I know that I am not the only one who has made complaints.

User's recommendation: DON'T USE AMAZON!!!!

Location: Grove, Oklahoma

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