I have been a very loyal and very active customer of Amazon, however when things do go wrong there seems no other real recourse than to make a complaint here.

I ordered a treadmill and paid the extra to have delivered to a different room. When the XPO delivery team turned up I explained that it was going to a different room and they immediately started saying things like they wouldn't do it, the route is too difficult, and they clearly weren't interested.

So much so that one of the guys sat down and started smoking a cigarette right in my face.

So we get the XPO supervisor on the phone and after many calls she tells me they will take the treadmill out of the box bit by bit and put it in the room. However when I tell them this the two millennials start complaining again and I have to hand my own phone over to them so they can discuss it with XPO again.

I finally get tired of all this and I tell them just to put it in the garage and I will get friends round to help me at a later date. But now of course I can't test that the treadmill even works until I get it to it's location.

This was a terrible experience with two individuals that clearly had no intention of doing the base minimum that they could get away with.

I am now considering my purchasing policies as I clearly shouldn't order anything from Amazon that can't be delivered by UPS or Fedex.

I would like my delivery money back .... but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Delivery Service.

Location: Sparta Township, New Jersey

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