I am a 76-year-old handicapped senior and for three weeks I have attempted to receive my orders which contain medical supplies. I have begged I have pleaded for my orders not to be delivered by US Postal Service.

Today I was supposed to receive some emergency bandages for my legs. The stupid little bitty post office down here refuses to deliver my packages. They are out there sitting in my mailbox and they have done this for three weeks with gifts and medical supplies. I finally got through to a lady in America and she assured me that she would direct me to the manager of customer service in America, but instead I got a foreigner that couldnt even speak didnt know what he was doing and he needs to be fired.

I live in the United States and I want to speak to Americans not foreigners in countries. For three weeks I have not received any of my orders and some of them contain critical supplies for me. I have been on the phone for two hours trying to get some help with my account. I have been a long-term Amazon customer spending thousands and thousands of dollars because I cant get out and shop , apparently Amazon does not care anything about their customers and this is a sad case I hope and pray that Amazon crashes and burns because they dont need to be in business by the Methods they use for shipping and delivery!!!!

Why in the world can I not get a hold of somebody in the United States they can help with my problem?? My orders have been canceled re-ordered credit given and Ive still never received ???

That foreign guy finally just hung up on me as he said he couldnt help me and he certainly didnt know how to help me. When an American wants to speak to somebody in America thats the way we need to be connected!! I have been on the phone with Amazon employees for 2 1/2 hours trying to get my medical supplies.

The US Postal Service here and McCalla will not answer the phone and will not follow the delivery Instructions on my account?

Please please please I need help. I dont want Credit I dont want reship months I just want what I ordered!

User's recommendation: To be able and connected to customer service in America.

Location: Mccalla, Alabama

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