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After 4 contacts they continue to blow me off... been lied to and insulted by multiple agents... check out the correspondence below

From: Customer Service Add to ContactsTo: Hello,

Thank you for writing back to us at

I've reviewed our previous correspondence and your issue about $50 rebate.

I see that one of my colleagues is researching this issue and will contact you on January 6 regarding your order status.

Please wait till January 6 so that it will enable us to complete our research, there are times that it may take us a little longer as it is in this case. I truly apologize for this delay.

If you did not receive a reply by the close of business on January 6, please contact us again by visiting the following link and we will investigate further.

I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope to see you again at

Thank you for your recent inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:

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---------------01/04/11 20:25:38Your Name:Richard B BrewerOther info:TERRIBLE customer service experience with "Walie adam"Comments:this is the email i sent as a follow up yesterday to my ticket not being addressed on this issue. Please read it then my side of the conversation with Walie Adam a supervisor.

Hello,Its been over a week now and I have not had any response. These items were purchased as gifts that have now been given away. So far I have spoken on the phone about it with someone a little less than a week after the purchase who assured me the rebate would be emailed to me and that there was no problem. There should be a record as they credited my card the price difference for the printer.Amazon is where i look first for the majority of my families shopping needs primarily because of the ease of use and good customer service. As such I have faith you will get back to me here soon with some information on the subject or have a supervisor contact me.ThanksRichard B Brewer

I called in and spoke with a representative tonight, who informed me that there was no rebate for the printer I had purchased. I was upset given the above information and asked to speak with a supervisor. After being on hold for at least 10 minutes a guy identifying himself as Walie Adam got on the phone. He offered no apologies or any understanding of the situation. I explained it to him and he put me on hold for another 10 minutes to review. He came back and said there was no rebate found, and the first time i had brought up the issue was on the 19th and that i needed to call cannon! By this time after waiting I had located the new version of the rebate dated jan1st. In fact the rebate is to be sent to like I told him. He also disputed my claim that I had spoken with a representative on the 17th of december, despite the fact that the $13 credit appeared on my account. After checking it out he claimed the ticket posted on the 20th was still open and that somebody would call me back in two days. If you follow the link on the ticket it says that the issue is old or has been resolved. I told him that was not an acceptable resolution and i felt like he was doing his best to pass the buck to somebody else. Amazon has been my FAVORITE retailer and I do 90% of my online shopping with you... Every time ive called ive been treated well and any problem has been resolved swiftly and effectively. Unfortunately the last 3 contacts with regard to this issue have been the exception. One reason after another why i could not be helped by

I am curious what my options are for filing a complaint against whoever I spoke to. and how we should resolve this issue? Seeing how i was never sent the email with the rebate, or gotten a response from the ticket, and the supervisor told me to "call cannon" I have little faith this will be resolved in two days.

Thankyou Much and I look forward to speaking with one of the people who have been such a great help in the past.---------------

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