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Update by user Oct 12, 2021

Another update: I apologize for the disgruntled writing! I was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t bother to check dates and details!

Firstly, the 9th was supposed to be September 9th. Also the email from the seller was sent the same day shortly after the request was approved, not the following day. And lastly, in case this needs clarification as to how my mom knew to send it back, before I was emailed by the seller, I had sent the shipping label to my mom asking her to print it for me while I was at work.

Once I saw the email from the seller, I asked her to discard it. Given that she can be a bit overly protective of me at times and that I’ve never had an issue Amazon before, she wants to make sure that I’m not getting scammed, hence why she kept the labels and shipped it off herself.

Update by user Oct 12, 2021

I also forgot to mention that when I contacted the first associate that approved the refund, I made sure to let them know that I full-on acknowledged that I was outside of the 30 day window. They too acknowledged this and went ahead with the approval. I unfortunately did not think to take screenshots of this conversation, but if there’s a way to pull up transcripts, I will gladly insert that part in as well if needed.

Original review updated by user Oct 12, 2021

I purchased a gaming PC back in January from a third party seller called Premier660. The PC started crashing after 30 days and later stopped working completely after I hardly used it.

I contacted a rep asking for a partial refund after not hearing from either the seller or manufacturer. They approve it and send me the label to ship it back via UPS. Seller emails me the following day and declines the request stating that theyd send it back if it was shipped back to them. That is the last time they bother issuing any sort of response to me.

Now confused, I contact another rep asking why the refund was approved by another rep if I couldnt send it because I wanted to make sure that everything I was being told was valid before.

They of course just dance around the question and tell me to contact the manufacturer. I message the seller, asking the same thing and of course I dont get a reply. So I just gave up and took it to Best Buy to be fixed. However, Later my mom ends up getting impatient and ships it herself while Im at work.

UPS shows that it was received on the 9th.

It never shows that it was received on my Amazon account however. I wait for a few weeks then message the seller asking them if theyre going to return it like they stated or refund me and that if they are, I needed to know ASAP because we were preparing to move out of state soon. And of course, no response. So I contact another associate who tells me that I can file a claim after waiting 2-3 business days and the refund will be processed.

(It was a weekend plus I had just messaged the seller earlier) they then offer to refund me for another recent purchase I had made as compensation. I wait a few days then contact another rep after not getting a reply back and they tell me that its too late to file a claim and theres nothing that they can do. I tell them that thats not at all what the previous rep told me. She, like the others, refuse to acknowledge what the other rep said, and ignore that part completely.

She states that I shouldnt have attempted to return the item and then asks me if Ive contacted the manufacturer. I tell her that I cant because the seller has had the item for no, almost a month. (As I am typing this, it has been a month and I have not heard back from anyone nor have I received anything)

I tell her that Ive been told multiple things by multiple associates and ask if theres anyone of a higher authority that I can speak to. She of course just returns the customer service number to me then offers to email the seller which is have to wait another 2 days for.

I ask what my options would be should they refuse to respond like they always have, and she says that I have none. At this point, Ive lost $565 and the item itself. The seller also quickly unlisted the item soon after I started having issues.

This has been the most stressful experience with their CS ever! Ive never witnessed such horrible service before in my life.

User's recommendation: Buy from EBay.

Monetary Loss: $565.

Preferred solution: Either a full refund, the item returned to me as stated, or the partial refund that I initially requested.

Amazon Pros: Variety, Availability of product.

Amazon Cons: Poor customer service, Third party sellers, No easy returns.

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