I have opened a seller account on seller central, it was professional seller account and I was charged 39.99$ for that, I submitted all documents and waited to be verified,


a few days after I got an email that my account was suspended, and no reason was given, after contacting seller support I got an email that my account suspended for related account reason, I wrote an email to Jeff and they skipped related account reason and requested utility bills. I have sent them utility bills and got refusal email that my account is not allowed for selling. I was contacted with seller support from inside of seller account, however as a result my account spammed and no one answered any question of mine.

Again I decided to write email to Jeff for expressing my concerns about seller support team,

and the most weird thing happened after this,

I got an email that says I requested refund for the order which I made 2 years ago, can you imagine 2 years ago, and after 2-3 hours I got another email saying that they will refund my money back for the order which I made on 31 October 2016. I have not requested any refund related to that order, instead I requested refund for Amazon Seller FBA service fee, however they give unfair decision and refunded 2 years ago order's money. It showed how unprofessional support service they have, I really can not udnerstand why they are like that, be the richest person of the world but your company can not provide satisfying customer service. I am so angry and so sad, I hope there will be a time that they will improve their *** service!!!!!!! *** Sarcastic Sad Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Banning reviewers without a specific reason, Untrained dishonest employees.

Store Location: Ganja, Ganca

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happened same with me tho............. this is a big scam just charge 39,99 from sellers


Amazon has a serious problem with it's review algorithms. They are not fit for purpose.

Genuine reviewers are being banned and genuine reviews deleted. This makes Amazon's fake review problem worse instead of better. Bezos is not listening and the programmers who developed the algorithms pretend there's nothing wrong with them. Only a massive volume of complaints and as much internet coverage as possible of the issue will make the slightest difference.

get on social media, tell the world how amazon has treated you. Use #amazonispastitsprime