Steal my money for years! Im English and pay an English prime.

Some how they have my details and charging me for some time. My online banking is very brief and when I see prime just thought it was my one. Until it showed up a few days after. I then started going back and its ongoing.

Noticed this so far is at least 3 years. I have tried to call them countless times. They put me on hold.Then back in a queue to cut my call off. This always happens!!

Or Im very understandable until I say refund. Then they cant understand me. This is also costly on my phone bill. All my calls are recorded.

I can only call as all other avenues lead to logging into an account I do not have! I have never used this account or logged in.

Funny when the agent looked into my history I was on hold and then cut off. Thieves!

User's recommendation: Shocking behavior! Thieves! Only because they are Amazon they can get away with it! British prime would never treat you like this! They owe me hundreds!

Location: Hackney, England

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