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After all the years that I've spent thousands of dollars with this company, the treatment I received today is absolutely horrifying. I had to create a new account, because my Prime, through T-Mobile was messed up.

Once I finally got it fixed, I ordered $631.81 worth of merchandise, and not only did they cancel my order, but they suspended my account as well smh. I can understand precautions, as it relates to the possibilities of fraud. But, for these companies, your mobile number, in so many ways, mimics your SSN, and we're talking about a Fortune 500 company, you mean to tell me, there's no system in place to cross reference accounts; regardless of the difference between emails and delivery addresses being used, while traveling. MY PHONE NUMBER has remained constant throughout the entire time.

Never ever again will I allow anyone to get me crying mad, the way these reps did me today. I'm actually begging you to allow me to spend my money with you??? I'm the idiot lol LOL lls LOL... But, I just didn't feel like sitting down and surfing the web all over again, with another merchant.

But, seeing that the day is gone, and mind you, my order was placed EARLIER, without resolve, looks like I have no other choice.

I just hate that I lost Prime Video, and to keep it , I doubt I find that same Mother's Day birthstone necklace elsewhere, but I can't force them to cross check their own obviously out dated system, to work with a loyal customer, opposed to being a tremendous hindrance. Nonetheless, I'm comfortable within, that I waited long enough, and for whatever reason, it just wasn't meant for me to spend with them, and I'm okay with that Bla-blaCry

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Preferred solution: You'll never hurt me again nor get my coins #PERIODTT .

Amazon Pros: Cheap prices, Free delivery, Fast delivery.

Amazon Cons: Amazon is so evil, Account service, Outdated system, Customer retention not important.

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amazon stinks after covid, NO inventory, NO restocking, foreign customer service, mostly chinese products, slow delivery, price gouging, if you can't help in a crisis, what good are you?


You're absolutely right, Amazon's policies need changing. There's one policy i am 100% against, Their "Minimum requirement to post" policy.

You have to spend $50 with a credit card to even post reviews. The worse of it is you cannot even post product Questions & Answers without doing this. It got worse than that, now i cannot delete my product questions & Answers without doing it! I complained to them, all they did was spit the rule in my face!

Like really? Screw the rule, it prevents people from posting anything on there, it even stops people who have bad credit card history or cannot even apply for a credit card from doing anything there.

How am i even buying on there? Gift card, it's the only way.


Same happened to me...rec'd several emails that me acct was in arrears. Looked on my acct at Amazon Prime and I was paid til 30 DEC 2020.

Thought the emails were a scam because went I went into them...they were not an Amazon address. Today, I can't get into my Prime Account, and I can't establish a new one.

When I contacted their toll-free customer assistance number, The prompt said to press #1 if you are over 50...I pressed and got someone trying to give me a safety alert device...don't need it...then they said sorry can't help you...now apparently they tagged my phone number and I can't get them to answer. I need to see what filters Amazon may have for my oxygen and CPAP machines, cause I have COPD and Emphezema...very succeptible to CV.