I ordered a computer from amazon and Nothing ever came. When I contacted them to get a refund I was given the run around.

I then contacted my credit card company and they stated that Amazon claimed that I had received the computer and would not reverse the charge. I would love to see their proof that it was received because I can testify that nothing ever came to my home.

This is a huge money grabbing machine no wonder it is so profitable. I am 70 and live on a very limited income and because of their practices will probably never get a portable computer.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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Sorry, Roxy.

I've just been screwed over by Amazon.

Lesser amount, but it's taken 2 months, and no refund. Nada.

Big run-around, e-mails with links to more links, contacts that are useless.

Contacted everyone, just this morning received e-mail saying "our records shows that your refund was processed".

Guess what.

My account shows that YOU entered my account # incorrectly, and therefore it could NOT be processed.

I've been telling you this for weeks.

My heart goes out to the person who TRIED to purchase the $600 computer through Amazon - especially being on a limited, fixed income.

This company is crooked. Plain and simple.

We can all swing in the breeze as far as they're concerned.

Take that to the bank, Amazon.

I have been telling you


Amazon will replace/refund items that never arrive.

That being said, if your account has a history of "never receiving anything" then they won't give you a dime.


Amazon probably was able to show them a tracking number where it was delivered to your house. It is possible it was stolen from your delivery area, which would be a police matter.

If you have never had a chargeback, call them again and file a legal affidavit stating you never received the computer. They may do a one time courtesy refund.