I would like to say that your stay is helpful. But really they are not.

All i got was here i sent you this information and you just have to fallow the directions to get back your account. It was really stupid. and the person made me feel like they were unwilling to help or do anything at all. That is not what i call customer service and if i ever did that at my job i wouldn't have one.

I am having to wait 2 days to hear back if i can even get into my account and make sure MY Cards arent used is complete bull.

I have been with Amizon for a long time and this is how the customer service treats people it is unaccpitbla. I pay money for my *** to stay safe and when i have a issue with someone changing my password that isn't me this is the hoops i have to go through.

Location: Lewiston, Maine

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