I have someone who has hacked my account they posed as it's used as a cash app fraud prevention representative about 4 months afour months ago and somehow when I contacted Amazon about 4 days ago by Google and the customer service number My phone ended up calling this organization of fraudulent Identity theft And they posed as they posed as Representatives for Amazon and tricked me in to going up to a Walgreens claimed all the Amazon companies in the area were shut down due to covid that I needed to purchase a $200 Google play card with the money that They sent me through this fake link link but everything had to be done offline done offline so the people who were hacking me because I was calling over the many False charges on my account keep having removed and refunded So they told me to stay off line so I guess I wouldn't go online and look at my bank account to see if the money actually went in there good thing I didn't have quite $200 in my account so it wasn't able to process the Google play card they had me tried another card which didn't have that much money on it wants that 1 denied they hung up not so I Google Amazon again and this time I could tell actually got ahold of a real representative for the company And I made her aware of this II am supposed to come up with a way that no one can keep charging my account I may have to switch my cards which I've already shut down my bank account card to AA small card that I just put enough to pay the monthly prime Charge on but wanted to make you guys aware of what's going on and it is a large organization because I can hear people in the back Ground talking to other people and they also sent me to a secondary representative representative this company really needs to be shut down somehow

User's recommendation: If they get ahold of an East Indian guy is Indian guy who is a Fast talker pretty demanding and tells you what to do will not let you hardly get a word and it's kind of rude and they have you do something that really doesn't make much Sense I would probably probably hang up and call back the number and they will find out that it is a text N outnumber California was What Came up I'm also writing this because I'm sure hes able to see this the 1st time he somehow convinced me convinced me to download a play store app that allowed him to control my phone acting like he was returning money from from my cash app account but ended up buying a bitcoin with it for a 100 bucks.

Location: Matthews, North Carolina

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