1) Last night an Amazon women came in around 10 at night and didnt pull behind my vehicle on the driveway. she pulled right on the grass.

2.) Explained to her you have the wrong address.

So she must have returned the boxes.

3.) I work from home customer service and I saw the Amazon van and I couldnt stop the phone call I was on with one our customers. I'm done with my shift and go looks on the my porch because I m expecting a delivery to and the same boxes that were taken back last night were back on my porch.


Called Amazon and spoke with Tony said I had to fill out forms and I said no twice and he hung up on me.

5.) Called back and spoke with a Denise?? And she put me on hold.

6.) Your company can thank me because I made one of your few zillion customers happy by delivering the boxes directly to her.

User's recommendation: I like your products. Your delivery needs improvement.

Location: Centerburg, Ohio

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