Ive been fighting with Amazon and a lousy 3rd party vendor named Goldas Kitchen since late October. I was sold defective TV that broke after 2 months, and the battery no longer charges.

In Mid-November, Goldas kitchen sent me an email through Amazon saying it was past the 90-day period and in fact it is day 94.

I had reported this issue to Amazon on late October and therefore, it was within the 90-day period. Even though all this information is stored in Amazons system, they ignore this detail and refuse to give me a refund. They keep alternating between whether the window is 30 days or 90 days.

On late November, Goldas kitchen sent me an email stating there was no warranty on the TV. To my knowledge - All products have some type of warranty.

Generally, you expect one year. Given, there is no warranty, the TV has got to be more than a year old!! I purchased a new TV and therefore, it should be within warranty. In the same email, they suggested that I reordered the product.

I dont understand why a vendor thinks that I am going to throw more of my hard-earned money in the garbage!! Especially, to a vendor that continuously changes the story and sells me an old defective product.

Meanwhile Amazon continues to hide behind the fact it is a third party and assumes no responsibility even though the monies were paid to Amazon and they continue to have Goldas Kitchen on their site.

On mid-November. Amazon sent me an email stating they would give me a refund. I waited two weeks and then followed up.

Instead of telling me when the refund would come, they directed me back to the seller who takes no responsibility for selling me complete garbage just fit for the landfill. I phoned Amazon and they first tell me that this A Z refund form was rejected. I demand to know the reasons. They say nothing is written.

Then they change their story and say its in pending status. I ask them how long does it take to process? They say normally 48 hours or in a backlog 7 days. I tell them its been 15 days!!!!!

I ask how do I get in touch with them or how do they contact me? They said there is no way to get in contact. I ask them how does this department make decisions? They said they dont know.

BTW I was talking to a manager, and these are the type of responses that I got. Fed up, I agree to them logging a A Z refund escalation.

Honestly, I think they just figured I would forget about the refund. I hate being cheated out of my hard-earned money. I hate even more that this TV was for a relative in long term care and it broke after 2 months!!!

It is so disgusting and unfair.

Buyer beware I wished I looked at the warnings on this website before trusting Amazon with even a nickel or dime. Honestly, they can give someone $50 in Amazon gift cards (in a particular postal code) because they lost their package in a messed-up delivery, but they cant refund me when I was sold a piece of garbage!!!!

User's recommendation: Buyer beware - don't use unless you would buy the same item at a flea market.

Amazon Pros: Ease of buying products.

Amazon Cons: No real appeals process for bad customer service, Reporting vendors does not work.

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