A few years ago I purchased a Nikon D810 camera body as a backup for my other D810 camera. About a week ago I had to get it repaired so I sent it to a Nikon Repair Center for repair.

Next day I got an email from Nikon stating that the camera that was a NON-US camera and couldn't be repaired by Nikon. So I went out to Amazon and looked up the purchase of this item. The dealer (KM) was an authorized dealer for Nikon Products. The ad stated "Brand New, In Stock Authorized Nikon Dealer. Nowhere did it state that I was purchasing an NON-US or International camera body.

I contacted Amazon by phone 3 times. They apparently don't give a damn that this seller is lying to people about the products they're selling. It doesn't matter when I bought the product a year ago or 5 years ago. The warranty was expired anyway. I was fully aware that I was going to pay for the repair. It's the fact that Nikon will not service the product and I was lied to by KM Camera when purchasing the product.

I am holding Amazon to blame for this just as much as KM Camera. KM is still selling on Amazon. In looking at reviews of others that purchased from K&M I found others had this same problem or they were being charged for a new camera but sent a refubiished or used camera.

If you go out to YELP there are many derogatory 1 star reviews about K&M Camera. Even their employees have given them 1 star reviews.

I have contacted Nikon on this issue and KM Camera. Nikon has escalated my last call to them. KM Camera has not responded to remedy this problem. Both were sent Invoices, images of packaging, the camera and correspondence with Nikon Support. I've contacted Amazon 3 times now and they really don't caSre at all.

I am prepared to contact an Attorney if the need arises to resolve this problem.


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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