I ordered a package on 12/4 it said at that time it would be here between 12/10 and 12/14. I placed the order because it was going to come before the time I needed it.

However it never showed up. When I call Amazon I was hung up on and told I had to wait. I called to find out where the package is and no one can tell me where it is or when it will be delivered. Explaining this to Amazon customer service after talking to literally 16 people I have dated and names.

I was told I was not getting a refund and that I just had to wait and see if or when my package shows up. I have contacted the seller numerous times and that accomplished nothing. So long story short Amazon is ok with their third party sellers ripping people off and then saying it is the buyers fault because they sign term and agreement absolving Amazon of anything. So the people they allow on their website they are ok with them ripping customers off and they are ok with doing nothing about it.

There resolution is buy another gift because I just have money laying around that I can go buy another gift with NOT. Still have not received package and have given up hope and apparently my money as well.

User's recommendation: NOT TO BUY FROM AMAZON GO WITH EBAY.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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