Arlington, Virginia

Today on November 7th I was offered a shipping free option to renew my order for a product that was first delayed and then was lost.

,080.00 to ship one package of 100 paper plates - Amazon

My option was 1 day delivery 6.95 (to be received on Nov 19th) or a 4-5 business day option (no charge). So, a 1 day delivery is not a one day delivery then for the customer right.?..that's in 11 days.

The other option would be receiving it for free on approximately.Tuesday or Wednesday which would be Nov. 13th.

When I informed customer service that the one day fast shipping option did not make much sense, they told me it certainly did make sense because it depended on where it was coming from.

Ok, so then I re ordered another item on the order which had been lost and it was for a two day shipping option at no charge, but the two day delivery option is fo 6 days from today. However, originally, when this was ordered and lost, it actually was supposed to be delivered in two days and they had agreed on that.

I resent that customer service tells me this all makes sense. The point is that it used to make sense but their policies have changed so maybe we can go back to buying locally or ordering from someone else perhaps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: I have other options besides Amazon.

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I have had very similar experiences lately, and God forbid that the package ships with carrier AMZL (because there is no end to greed). NO ACCOUNTABILITY, no real reason why that "guaranteed delivery" date means nothing....the list is endless.


I frequently see Prime one day delivery disappear from my order *after* I've paid although it was there before I paid. Amazon is just a racket. Defrauding their customers left right and centre