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I like Amazon. The fact that Amazon periodically ships the incorrect product isnt even an issue.

My whole beef right now is the online service after a purchase.

So I buy a couple things from Amazon & the 2 things I purchased were substituted for. No big deal. Ive had employees that had no pride in their workmanship and ive never had more than 32 employees. Amazon has hundreds of thousands.

Mistakes are going to be made. But when I tried to rectify the problem through email services its just a joke. I don't have an account with Amazon. I dont want one.

But trying to navigate the online help services without an account is literally impossible. Yes we can call & speak to someone but the last thing I want to do is wait through the hold times & then have to )dozens of times) have to explain that I don't have an account. Have to give my phone # & email address when I dont feel comfortable giving that info to someone I dont know. I have an order #.

It may sound silly but I think the order # should suffice. But it is infuriating attempting to handle it via email.

User's recommendation: no recommendations.

Preferred solution: I was refunded. Im complaining about the hassle..

Location: Portland, Oregon

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