I bought Christmas gifts from Amazon, first mistake ever!!!! Because I spent over 1500 they assumed my account was hacked and froze my account.

They didn't even try to contact me to see if it was me who purchased it. I called back that day saying I charged those 24 items and I want them sent. They reversed my charges, I had to call them again saying I want my *** why you reverse my charges. Mind you, they reversed my charges a total of 3xs.

We had to fill this form out 3xs to try and get it fixed, so they recharged my account, but I still don't have my *** or any message from them regarding this issue. I have called Amazon 4xs, and I was told they would contact me within 24-48hrs. Still haven't heard from them. I still cannot see my order on my order list.

Dont know if and when anything is coming. The Xbox cards I bought I don't have the info to redeem them, but I was charged for them, I want my *** or my money Im so done with Amazon!!! The issue still isnt resolved, and this *** could have all been avoided if they simply made a call to see if I made that charge.

Theres11 days till Christmas and I dont have my *** I left for the weekend, don't know if anything was dropped off because I dont have a way to look at my order because Amazon can't do their damn job!! Still very upset nothing has been resolved no one has called back you have my money, butt I don't have my *** I hate Amazon for ruining my Christmas

User's recommendation: *** No! I will never recommend Amazon to any one intact I will pass along this situation to everyone I meet I have already put you on blast with social media.

Monetary Loss: $1534.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Cons: Not assume my purchase was fraud related, Call the customer first before freezing their account, Call the person to see if they made the expensive purchase.

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