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Very pissed off customer very disappointed with Amazon Earlier this month I purchase an item back on the 8th November a couple days later I realize I had to return the item back for personal purposes once the item was sent back on the 13th of November I call Amazon to see if they can contact the seller for me to see if they could process the refund quickly for there was a holiday coming in the matter of days. and I would like to use that refund two words Thanksgiving feast.

And the representative at the time was like you don't need her worry I have a request hear from the seller of the item that I purchased she has approve of the refund and is now being submitted and process the refund should appear on your bank statements within the next 3 to 5 business days and you should receive it as early as Monday the latest Tuesday . fast forward a couple days later towards the end of the week November Friday 17th turned out that's not the case that item did arrive on time to the seller this Friday the 17th and they are now processing the refund at first I didn't quite get the email but when I did it hit me like freight train. I was like whoa, whoa ,now My Refund Now this being processed on the 17th and not on the 14th as I previously thought or was informed and is exactly what I was trying to avoid because if they process it at the end of the week There's no way in heck I'm going to get it before Thanksgiving I thought they were processing this several days ago I was rattlesnake mad. Then they tried passing it off that it was the sellers false or issue because that's how they choose to wait to receive the item then start processing the refund .so then Amazon representative is trying to point and blame at the seller for that's how they choose to send out their refund or that's just the standard processing time for them to receive the item and then start to process a refund I then said the seller did nothing wrong.

You guys did! this is all on you for promise You dropped the ball on me And the situation. On something that actually never happen wasting my time hoping thinking the refund is being processed when in reality it wasn't false information hope. Wasting my time .

When I found out about the wrong information and now there's going to be no Thanksgiving for me because of them I am so upset and so disappointed that I am leaving Amazon ASAP and closing the account and go elsewhere to do my regular online shopping I cannot trust them the representative I spoke with earlier last week flat out lie to me and because of that if I can cannot in good conscience trust Amazon them and I am no longer willing to do business with them for have been with Amazon for many years and this is how they treat their loyal customers screw them and shame on them and when they try to offer me all we're really sorry about the situation when I complain about them on the 10th and the situation what happened thank God they keep copies of the emails between any conversation between the customer Amazon they write a copy like a script they send it to you for your copies and they have a copy and they were able to see exactly what I was talking about so because of that they wanted to give me a $5 like a real compensation type thing meaning the next time you purchase something from Amazon that $5 or $30 replies to your time of check out and then I told them screw your reimbursement $30 compensation and shove it ,they totally gave me the wrong information flat out lie to me and because of that I will not get my refund back in time for Thanksgiving thanks a the hip shame on them just because they're a big growing big corporate company they are becoming corrupt it's all about money to them and they're losing their values who they are when they first started off as small but I have to realize they wouldn't have been so successful and big if it wasn't for us consumers constantly buying from them movies Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle or you can read books songs , it's us little people that keep the big guys and business and when they get so big they start with treating their customers I'm out . They feel entitled customer giving false information and that's okay because they're huge big booming multi something billion company well if that's the case it won't hurt them one bit iota if I close my account walk away. A MESSAGE FROM AMAZON CUSTOMER SERVICE Hello I've requested a refund of $68.89 to your Credit Card You'll see the refund on your credit card statement in the next 3-5 business days.

Once processed, you'll also be able to see the refund request here: Ginger Juice Certified Organic Dynamic Health 16 fl oz Liquid Best regards, Alondra R. This email was given to me on November 14th flat out lie

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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