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I buy from Amazon almost 90% of Christmas for my grandchildren. I have even reference them to your site to add to their Christmas wish list not realizing I would find sex toys on the same screen as Disney, Legos, ect.

and other childrens toys. This is absolutely disgusting! I know longer trust your web site. I have spent thousands of dollars on Amazon.

I am sure an eight-year-old girl and boy need to see a vibrators of the human anatomy. How many adults looking for vibrators go to the Childrens toy department to find that kind of nonsense.

You might do better selling your adult toys in an adult category and keep them out of sight of children. Try to Develop some kind of moral Conscience for the rest of us and our children.

Location: Greenwood, Indiana

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To ALL you people out there who is clicking unhelpful, that is what we found on the site of The gallery, *** junk,so do NOT think it is not there until you have looked for yourself, you are just clicking on not helpful because YOU HAVE NOT LOOKED & enlightened yourself. So, why do you try that??

HOOYA HOOYA Oh the ones are that are so blend that can not see! Doubting Thomas people!