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I have had 4 different shipments by Amazon left in the lobby of my apartment house, quickly stolen despite special delivery instructions that I put on each Amazon order.

Amazon delivery obviously pays no attention to my special delivery instructions

I like Amazon products, but I stopped buying items from Amazon because everything that I bought from Amazon was quickly stolen before I could get to the lobby.

I tried to sign up for the Amazon locker so I could buy from Amazon again, but the Amazon customer service person was totally clueless. She transferred me to a locker expert who had difficulty explaining how I could sign up for the locker, and how it worked.

There are several things that could be done to reduce significant pilferage of Amazon items, and increase customer signups for Amazon lockers, but Amazon is TOTALLY CLUELESS!!

Incompetency rules the day for Amazon in the area of Amazon lockers!!

User's recommendation: Complain until Amazon fixes the problem.

Location: San Francisco, California

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