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Please put my money back into my bank account yous made my life miserable the bank closed my account because of yous over drafted $300.00 and now I can't open up another bank account until yous put that money back it's not your money it's mine yous have no right taking what belongs to me and I didn't give anyone permission to my money this is a serious matter and I will fight for what belongs to me i do have a lawyer and I will sue yous for lawyer fee's paper work and any other fee's you cause nothing but stress and making my life *** yous are being investigated from BBB for fraud and stealing my money I will press charges and I will win more than $300.00 if you don't want any law suits you should do what's right and send me a check for $300.00 or I will prosue the law suits against your company this is your last worning

User's recommendation: don't order from this company they will drain your bank account.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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I hope you lawyer has better grammar than you.