Greensburg, Pennsylvania

I began selling books on Amazon about 9 months ago. After the sale, collecting your money from Amazon is almost impossible.

I am now I my third month of trying to collect $68. Problem: the way to collect is deeply hidden and fraught with pitfalls and artificial delays. This is not an accident. Amazon knows that people are busy and many will only devote so many hours of their lives before giving up.

The little person has no recourse with the automated web machine. No human pays any attention to it. After millions of complaints Amazon finally spent a little of their money on the India route. I just passed an hour talking to people in India who can do nothing but are paid to be nice and apologize while the 1% in the Seattle offices of Amazon laugh.

If I were to pay myself minimum wage, I've already lost more than the value of the sale. Amazon has been making interest on my money and I will have no gain at the end.

They have stolen my books. Nothing short of armed revolution will change this, so the rest of my books are going to friends, Goodwill and eBay, the best place for small sellers.

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Hi Ina ,

I do not know if you have heard anything about this but it is a big problem for sellers like myself in Amazon It has been on the Amazon boards reports of sellers being told that they have a non functioning debit card on file

Starting May 29 th Amazon was sending me emails saying they could not pay me because my debit card did not work

My banking information had not changed only the date on the card so I updated it and was told they would try again in 2 weeks

That amount of time went by and again I was told they could not pay me so I re-entered my information as instructed by their phone rep and again I was informed I would be paid in 2 weeks

after 85 days I was getting more than little perturbed after speaking to rep after rep to no avail I was a little more than upset They were holding over 5000.00 of my favorite dollars I made a huge mistake I canceled my 6 pending orders and tried to close my account By canceling my orders I was over the limit on defects and was suspended I have 100% positive feedback on the site my metrics were great as far as customer satisfaction I just wanted to be paid I think it a little odd that 1000's of sellers could not be paid right before shareholders meeting There are many post about UK and European sellers not being paid and many in the US also Now I have been informed I will not be paid until October 28 th I was reinvesting my Ebay money and living on Amazon money back to the ol drawing board I guess because my EBAY sales are in the tank I have 1 million dollars in inventory and cannot buy groceries


Amazon is ripping off Sellers! Individual sellers are not being paid.

I’ve had two associates tell me I would be paid yet, on my end looking at my account its showing no disbursement and money is being with-held. I’m not a “new” seller, and was getting paid every two weeks until Mar of this year 2014.

Google “Amazon ripping off sellers”.

And yes I’m a prime member. There is no end to their dirty tricks ? :(

Basically what they do is:

For example, You work at a store and supposed to get paid $100.

a week. A customer comes into the store and buys $50. So the store HOLDS the $50. INCASE the customer brings the items back!

They claim it is legal and you sign in TOS?

I was getting paid every two weeks and have never had my account have ANY hold EVER!!!!

I have no A-Z claims. They are ripping off individual sellers, and who gets the interest on the money they hold?


I am from Canada , selling on Ebay for over 3 years & it is going well.

I am selling software at a lower price that Amazon.

In August 2012 I have opened a account with & started selling.

After about 2 weeks I have had about 1500$ in my account & my account got under review.

BTW in a business there are secrets that I do not think should be revealed.

After answering to all Amazon’s questions about my stock, from where do I have the products...etc

My account got suspended ,I have tried to call seller support that it does not support the sellers too much.

I have got no answer on why my account was suspended & I got tired .

I have sent a email to & & ask for what is going on ,, still no answer.

After 2 weeks I got a phone call from someone at Amazon in regards of my email that was not able to tell me why

my account was suspended.

Now I have to wait 90 days for the funds to be released , during the 90 days my $$ is used by Amazon as

being their own .

If this Amazon scam/business is going like this they will go bankrupt & I will also want to bring them in court

to answer to some questions about their business practice.

My personal opinion on why my account was suspended is because I was selling at a lower price than Amazon sells &

I was a direct competition.


If you have any strange stuff going on with your account send a email to &

And let this guy know what is going on with his business, not that he’s

not aware, it is all part of THE PLAN