Time and time again, I place an order with a debit card, it is quite clear I have one active card on file. All old cards should be deleted, I did.

it myself, but they don't go away. After my initial order, the money is withdrawn from my account, AMAZON is guilty of double charging my account. Most of your agents can not solve problems. I purchased not 1 but 2 soundbars, they both died, your job should be to find me more reliable equipment at no cost to me.

Right now, Amazon owes me over 100. Dollars. Stealing is a federal offense. Amazon has gone out of its way to hide the direct customer support number.

You dodge bullets using why are you calling Amazon? Obviously, it is either to find an Item I cannot locate or help with a problem. As other competitors develop sites which are better priced, and far easier to use, Amazon will one day find itself with a smaller and smaller share of the global market. What was once easy to use, with friendly employees.

Are you kidding with the 15 dollars an hour ads, a person needs to be reminded that is 600 dollars a week BEFORE taxes. you find yourself walking away with somewhere in the area of less than 2000 a month. So if a couple works there, they are barely making a lower middle-income class job. Buying a car, buying a home, paying for college, these are things amazon should be helping with.

Create a college fund, and create an automobile plan. Health insurance should be completely free. Learn how to shop anywhere from Amazon. Not until they prosper.

Although publicly the salaries of top executives, seems quite low, do not forget their stock options are where the real numbers lie. The average bonus is in excess of a100,000,000 million dollars. SO bring the regular employees up to 25 dollars an hour.

Then all wi.. be fair and reasonable.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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