A lady was called she said Amazon customer service then she was transferred to a man and that man said someone using my account and my debit card buy a IPhone he asked and asked how many checking and saving account and give all the banks name and do l know anyone in Texas, New Mexico few more places

He ask any stores near me I said gas station about 2 miles he told me go to the gas station park the car then he tell me what to do and also said because the COVID-19 I have to bring a hand sanitizer with me. I was thinking something not right when I was at gas station he told me go inside the store buy a google play card for 200 dollars he need 16 numbers in the back of the card when I heard that then I asked him, are you really Amazon customers service I said I dont have 200 dollars to buy a google play then I heard he cursed. I did hang up and go home I tried to call Amazon to confirm but cant find a number.

Location: Anacoco, Louisiana

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