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Been an amazon customer since the late 90s. Lately dealing with customer service has been a nightmare.

I dread dealing with them but what can you do? Anyway, a couple of months ago, somebody scammed money from amazon using my account. The scam worked like this. The scammer contacted amazon (how I'm not sure) and went thru my orders from the past couple of months and claimed that I never received some item and they got amazon to refund the money to a gift card.

So day 1, they did this for 4 different items. Day 2, they did it again, plus they purchased an e-mail gift card using my gift card account which now had money because of the refunds from the previous day. Get it. They get amazon to issue a refund within 24hrs and put the money in my gift card account and then withdraw the money right away by sending it to an untraceable email account.

And, they did this 2 days in a row. First day 4 items, 2nd day 5 items. I only noticed the activity because these strange emails started showing up in my inbox. I thought it was just some sort of accounting error and I ignored it the first day but then when the saw the money withdraw to pay for an email gift card, I notified amazon right away.

Their perspective. Somebody hacked into my account and from my computer or phone, WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE. The only thing they would tell me was that this was done thru 'chat' and the chat logs had this story about how I was in the hospital or something and that's why I didn't the packages. Amazon wouldn't hardly tell me anything.

They would tell me the device, time of day, ip addresses, nothing. Although, I did find out that all this took place around 5am which is what time in mumbai or bangalore? Anyway, it didn't matter because no one physically or remotely accessed my computer. So I changed my password right away as instructed and then waited 3 days for a response from their security team and what did they do?

They disabled my account until I changed my password again. Why did I mention india? Because I'll wager a lot of money that someone(s) in amazon customer service did this. They have access to my accounts and up until recently they never hesitated to issue a refund so they had the facilities to do this.

Whereas, I know that no one physically or remotely used my computer; impossible. btw, except for this scam, I haven't seen any other suspicious activity. Nobody has been accessing my email for example. If someone had access to my email which I normally leave open and logged in all the time, they could have erased the emails from amazon that caught my attention.

They could have erased those emails and gone on with the scam and I never would have noticed.

So part 2: A couple months goes by and nothing suspicious and I have 4 orders and I come up and there are 3 packages at my door. One is for my neighbor and two are for me. So I go and deliver my neighbor's package and then check online and I see that one of my orders is marked delivered but it was never delivered. My guess the drive gave my order to someone else and my neighbor's order was delivered to me by mistatke.

So I contact amazon right away and it says I have to wait 2 days before making a claim. I guess there's no way they can contact the carrier, 'amazon delivery' and get this corrected. I contacted amazon 5 times to report this ask for a refund and five times I just got the 'run around' from customer service. I finally just gave up and disputed the charge with my card company which credited my account for the money right away with no investigation.

I wanted a chargeback but they, I guess, feel it's cheaper just to pay me off rather than charge back amazon. Wait though, just a couple of months ago, some scammer got them to issue 9 refunds for different items all within about 24hrs so why is amazon being such a jerk about this. Is this some change in their customer service policy or have they flagged my account for special treatment. Enquiring minds want to know but amazon refuses to address the issue.

That is, every time I go to amazon customer service and spend a half hour explaining everything all over again, nobody can help me.

I can't even get them to send me chat sessions anymore so I have a record of the sessions. Says it's against their policy but they've done it before so what's changed?

Oh, the best part, when I reported this scam, there was about $179 in my gift card account that I could have withdrawn myself but no, I spent an hr with customer service explaining that it was amazon's money.

And, I still haven't been thanked by anyone for delivering my neighbor's package that was left at my door.

User's recommendation: bend over.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Amazon Pros: Cheap prices, Wide selection, Sometimes quick deliver.

Amazon Cons: Great so long as you dont have to interact with them.

Location: 3165 West Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118

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