Good afternoon - I received an email from Amazon that said I purchased something - which I did not - I called the 800 # provided (1-80*-926-****), The person who answered the phone identified himself as Sam from Amazon - so I thought I had contacted the right number (his return number:301-556-****) - he was extremely rude. He told me that a charge account had been opened in my name about 2 weeks ago and I had 9 outstanding order and then proceeded to tell me that I needed to purchase Ebay cards and even said I'd be reimbursed and even sent an notification to me stating it was being put back in my account-we got disconnected.

I then tried to call the same number back and this time I got Frank (571-475-****) who said that he had my account information in front of him & he could help me - he too indicated that I needed to buy Ebay or google play cards to eliminate this debt and to clear my account and to "Not Make Amazon" look bad - not to speak to anyone about this, etc. Every time I followed their instructions - I was getting more and more frustrated - I was on the phone and driving around from 1:30 to 7:30 yesterday. I was scammed out of $1600 from my checking account - I was told by both gentleman they put the money back into my account - which when I called my bank-no money was put back into my account - I canceled that card as to avoid any additional monies being taken; then I also used two different credit cards for another $1000 - I did not provide them with the account information - so they are not compromised. I take pride in maintaining good credit and they played on my vulnerabilities - I am still extremely upset and quite angry.

I was provided with a confirmation number (8975****) and this would protect me with Amazon & since I was being inconvenienced I would get Amazon Prime Free for life - that sounded odd and they never provided me with any information regarding this.

I want to report this scam and would like to hopefully speak to someone regarding resolution on this matter.

Thank you in advance. Diane Ogonofski

Location: Mount Holly, New Jersey

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